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Young men exaggerate; Old men pretend.

Commuter: Latin word meaning, "Parked on the freeway."

You're having a bad day when your engine is making a strange noise and you can't find the cat.

A great many people confuse their lack of planning with an emergency.

A fool and his money are never around when you need them.

Staff meeting: Gathering of infectious bacteria.

Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll get a mouthful of rain.

"Cool" is another way of saying "not warm."

The key to happiness is stuck in the lock.

Love is blind and it's not too bright, either.

Stress management: What many employees like to do on purpose.

Even ministers have to work weekends.

Life, unlike Algebra, does not have the answers to the odd problems in the back of the book.

The proper response to "Good morning" is not "Prove it!"

Avoid over exposure to the sun.

Things are getting so bad financially that one supermarket is putting in a recovery room.

money doesn't go as far as it used to, it goes FASTER.

Conscience is that still small voice that tells you the Internal Revenue Serice may check your return.

money may talk, but it seems to be hard of hearing when you call it.

The reason money is called cold cash is it won't keep till it gets warm

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