Young, well hung and willing to please !  

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Young, well hung and willing to please !

Younger men rarely appealed to me for many reasons, most don’t appreciate my shape or my sexual confidence or appetite, or some merely didn’t know how to treat a woman beyond a mindless fuck. I am an attractive woman with dark red hair, fair silky skin and a sexy voluptuous body and love to be desired and fulfilled. When I met Dan a handsome young male with eyes of melting chocolate and a body to die for that wanted me, who was I to resist!

We talked at length about his attraction to the big beautiful women and his obsession with large breasts. My breasts are a fantastic 40DD, firm, soft with nipples so responsive that they reacted to the slightest touch making them hard erect and waiting to be sucked. Dan came across as very sweet, charming and very willing to please me. He begged me to let him bury his face in my tits and play with them, massage them and suck my large pink nipples.

To be honest I was flattered and turned on by his obvious adoration of my body and breasts that I decided to let him show me what pleasure he could give me and to see if he could satisfy me were others his age had failed.

Once my decision was made I instructed Dan to remain in his seat and I rose to stand in front of him. I began to slowly unbutton my top, watching his face, eager to see his reaction. Half way down I stopped and pulled my shirt open a little to let him see my naughty red see-through bra that encased my straining breasts. He was entranced. I was in control and had all of the power at that moment and the thought was very arousing and stimulating. I felt my pussy start to cream in anticipation.

Removing my top I let it fall to the floor and stood before him in my skirt and bra. Taking a step closer, I leaned towards him giving him a better view of my cleavage and breasts "You want these?" I asked reaching down and pulling at the nipples. "Do you want to see these gorgeous nipples? Do want to lick them? Kiss them? Suck them? I teased. Dan sat practically salivating and the bulge in his trousers was a sure indicator that he wanted them and much more.

I have to admit I really was getting turned on. Being in control and making this young stud want and desire me was a completely new experience and one that I was going to enjoy to the maximum. Moving closer I stood directly in front of Dan. His face was level with my breasts. I could tell how much he wanted to touch them, and was very impressed at his restraint for not doing so without my permission. “You want to play with me then you have to be deemed worthy” I purred I had no idea were the sudden dominate streak had come from but it felt so liberating. “You want me then you have to get my nipples hard right now!” Dan made a move to try and lift my breasts out of the bra, but I slapped his hands down and said quietly “Oh no baby you haven’t earned the right to my flesh yet suck them through the bra, suck them NOW! No hands. Use only your mouth and make those nipples hard."

And he did. His mouth immediately found a dark peak through the lace and his teeth firmed it up so he could pull it into his mouth. The feeling of that warmth even through the lace had my pussy convulsing. It’s true what they say power can go to your head; it was certainly proving to be a strong aphrodisiac to me. Dan’s cock seemed to be completely hard now and strained at his jeans. He shifted in his chair uncomfortable and confined and wanting to release himself from the restrainant. Again I was impressed at his self control and decided that this was about my pleasure so I would let him wait a little while longer!

Pulling back I couldn’t stop but smile at disconsolate expression on his face. "Oh honey, what is that look for? Did you like having my tits in your face? Do you want more? Do you want THESE?" Teasing him some more I began to caress myself running my hands all over my breasts, and then seductively letting my skirt drop to the floor revealing my little matching thong and suspenders. Dan moaned and the lust and desire in his eyes was wonderful to see. "You want to help me take off this nasty bra," I beckoned him.

Jumping to his feet he moved towards me then stood there, seemingly waiting for my instructions. I decided to continue to play this role that was obviously getting him so aroused "Good boy. I am glad to see that you didn't touch me without permission. Now, watch me unhook this bra so you’ll know how to do it for next time."

He watched intently as I turned around and faced away from him. Reached behind me to the clasp I let my hands rest there for a moment and listened to the sound of his breathing then twisting the clasp so the bra opened. Slowly as if I was stripping in slow motion I let the straps fall from each arm, and began to remove it holding the cups still over my breasts, then turning to face him I whispered “Tell me you want me!” Dan’s eyes and massive bulge had told me already what I wanted to know but it made me so horny hearing him reply “God your so beautiful I want to pleasure you all night, let me show you how much I desire you and want you” I let the bra drop to the floor then turned and began to walk away. I could almost sense his dismay at not being given the opportunity. Without looking back I called “Follow me” and led him to the bedroom. Kicking my heels off I climbed onto the bed "Come here," I ordered “But first remove all your clothes. I want to see you naked and see that hard cock of yours and how much I am turning you on."

Eager to please and happy to release the straining cock that had become so uncomfortable he stripped quickly. Dan wasn't ashamed of what he had to offer, and posed for a moment so I could take a good look at him. I was certainly impressed, he was lean and toned and his cock was very thick and appeared slightly longer than average and it was so hard. I could see the glisten of the pre cum on the head and longed to suck him till he exploded in my mouth, but again this wasn’t about him, this was about him pleasing me. He watched me looking at him and as if knew what I was thinking softly said “You have made me hard, hard with desire for you” His hand automatically stroked his erect cock as if to soothe its rampant hardness. “Please let me give you pleasure, I am here for you, I might be young, but I am well hung and willing to please you.”

For a brief second I was stunned that this young man had such a lovely maturity and manner and wanted so much to please me more than himself. Letting a soft moan escape from my lips I smiled and invited him into my bed "Well Dan I am yours to pleasure, make me feel good and make me cum!.”

"Oh YES," he breathed, his eyes not leaving my body. Taking his hands he began to play with my breasts, kissing every inch, licking up and down then tracing small circles around the areola without touching the nipples. Waves of pleasure flooded through my body, the air hitting the areas were his warm tongue had been was driving me crazy, never before had a man taken such time to explore and play with my breasts. After what seemed like an eternity his mouth slowly found its way to my nipple. He teased and sucked it gently to begin with then increased the pressure sucking ravenously making my nipples swell to the size of a small grape. "Oh my," I sighed feeling my pussy explode with hot wet juice. Running my fingers through his hair I moaned "You have a nice mouth for such a young man, and are obviously very talented would you like me to show me what else you can do with it?”

Without saying a word Dan began licking and kissing down my body so slowly and so frustratingly I wondered who was actually in control. He reached my panties which were now soaking with my juice and stopped. “Oh god don’t you dare stop now!” I gasped guiding his head lower. “Go on show me how much pleasure you can give a woman!” Almost before I got the sentence out, Dan, had slide the piece of material covering my crotch over to the side and slammed his mouth hard into my dripping pussy!!! "Oh yes, baby," I cooed as his tongue slide in between my lips and began lapping up all my wet juice. "mmmm, fuck yes, suck my red hot pussy, fuck it with your tongue and make me cum" Thrusting my hips hard into his mouth, I became wild with lust as he chewed and sucked on my very distended clit! Plunging his fingers into my pussy his teeth begin to nibble and pull at my clit. I was so horny I began pushing against his fingers as he moved them in and out, forcing them deeper with each thrust. I felt the familiar tingling begin to build throughout my body and began to scream as my pussy exploded and cum started spewing out around his fingers, coating his hand. Dan moved his mouth closer to lap it up and I have to admit he was probably as good as most of the women I had ever been with, though I would never tell him that. With my whole body trembling I said softly, "Oh my, what a good cunt eater you are, you've pleased me and made me very happy indeed, but I have to say I am not finished with you yet, I want more, I want your hard fucking cock deep inside my pussy”

“Oh god!” Dan panted “You make me so hard when you talk like that it just turns me on!” "Mmmmmm," I hummed, "I just love having sex, so why don't you be a good boy and stick that thing inside of me, I think we can both use a good fuck, don't you!?!" "Yessss," he hissed, "how do you want it!?!" Dan moaned. I turned and got onto my knees and into the doggie position. “Just fuck me, Now!” I demanded needing to feel that hard throbbing cock fill my pussy. Dan moved to his knees behind me. My cunt, glistening with moisture, it was unbelievably wet and inviting.

Dan took his cock in his hand and slid it up and down the lips, teasing me with his big head, “Fuck me now” I screamed “Pleasure me I want you to feel me as I spray over your hard cock!” Dan finally settling over my hole, and quickly thrust his throbbing shaft into my soaking snatch. Sinking deep into my pussy Dan’s huge pecker forced its way in until it completely filled my hot wet slit. Driven by pure lust, he started fucking me with slow rhythmic strokes, then gradually increasing the pace as he went on sliding is slippery penis in and out of my soaking hole. By now I have to be honest and admit I was in a state of sexual frenzy bucking my hips back trying to get Dan in as deep and hard as possible. “Dan!” I panted “Your fucking me so well your going to make me cum, and when I do I want to feel you fill me with your cream, now pleasure me!” Dan began slamming his meat up to the hilt with piston like strokes, his balls slapping against my ass he rode me like a man possessed! “God I am cumming baby” I moaned as my pussy spasmed around this thick fantastic cock. My orgasm was deep and long and resulted in my spraying hot cum all over Dan’s cock, my pussy lips and walls contracting and milking the shaft with each wave. Hot spurt after hot spurt of my hot love juice soaked Dan’s balls and ran down my legs. Dan let out a giant groan and started to fill me with his hot cum, then pulled out to spray the rest of the creamy load over my slit and curvy ass.

I nearly collapsed onto the bed but turned around to were Dan was still kneeling obviously shaken by the intensity of his orgasm. Looking down and seeing his gorgeous thick cock covered in a combination of our cum I greedily reached out with my mouth and started to lick him clean.

“Well!” he said getting his breath back “Did I please you sexy?” I leaned back and looked up into those dark sexy eyes; I was so surprised he needed to ask. It was on the tip of my lips to say that he was fucking amazing when I replied “mmm you’re not bad for starters, but you have a lot to learn and definitely could use more practice. So if you want to continue to pleasure me your going to have to try a lot harder next time, for now it was adequate!” I tried not to smile but keep a serious face to ensure I maintained this role. Looking in his eyes for a reaction I couldn’t stop myself from feeling desirable, wand wanted. Dan was grinning and his eyes shone with renewed desire and longing. Leaning in he kissed me softly on my lips and said softly to me “I am yours to command, I am may be young, but I am well hung and willing to please you anytime you desire!”

Well with an offer like that I couldn’t refuse!

Written by LadyScarlettxx

LadyScarlettxx 43F

5/23/2006 12:08 pm

well this one isnt completely fact, well not YET anyway but the sexual experiences within it are completely factual.

Thanks for your compliments guys x

LadyScarlettxx 43F

5/23/2006 5:39 pm

promises promise chubby, I am sure there will be another shortly as soon as my creative juices start to flow again Anything in particular that would turn you on to read about, I work mainly from real life experiences but a girl always can do with a little more inspiration xx

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5/24/2006 5:00 pm

lets do some role playing then,i know what wud turn me

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