Releasing your inner sexual woman  

LadyScarlettxx 43F
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5/20/2006 6:14 pm

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5/27/2006 4:25 am

Releasing your inner sexual woman

I was thinking on how many women go through life and never reach there sexual peak. Some dont know what they are missing, others are frustrated and strive to obtain that ultimate orgasm and feelings of euphoria that they know is out there waiting on them.

Whilst I dont claim to be an expert on the subject I have often been asked for advice and thought you might appreciate me sharing some thoughts with you on the matter.

I believe that every woman has that special, seductive, sexy, siren living inside her. It's the part that feels aroused by reading erotic stories, watching movies, or the part that encourages to put on that special dress that makes you feel desirable, confident and sexy. The inner sexual part of a woman that has boundless sexual energy, self confidence, know-how and charisma.

Some women tap into this daily while others have yet to scratch its surface or even notice its there at all.

Why bother trying to release your inner sexual woman?

Well there are many reasons to bother and the first and most important is because it strengthens you as a woman and helps you fulfill your fantasies and desires in the bedroom. It also helps make you a better lover. Remember if your hot you cant help but to light your partners fire !

Many survys over the years have stated that men want their women to take a more active role in sexual play and would love them to take control occasionally over positions, places and tell them what they want. Being sexually aware of your own body and its needs means you will find it easier to express your desires to your partner.

So tip for today ladies - pleasure yourself regularly. You will feel sexier, this will in turn be visable to others. It will probably increase your sexual appetite and should enable you to participate with more enthusiasm and expertise. And it is the best way to learn what you want so you can show your partner without embarassment thus making sex an completely more orgasmic experience for you both.

stillgoodbadboy 60M

5/21/2006 5:59 am

Hey Lady,
well put.... hope some women learn from this and i hope even more try it at least once.... so when i hop over the pond will you allow me to be privy to and part of your regular orgasmic experence???? please, oh

LadyScarlettxx 43F

5/21/2006 1:52 pm

Oh certainly Stillgoodbadboy, your just the sort of man that knows how to stimulate a woman mind body and soul and woo hoo what a body into the bargin. So if you ever decide to come to the Emerald Isle let me know and I will show some of its hidden secrets and beautiful sights. I know you men enjoy the visual things so I would hope you'd enjoy watching and perhaps bringing me to those orgasmic peaks and recreating niagra falls together xxx

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