One Hot Night  

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6/10/2006 4:31 am

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One Hot Night

It is late on a summer evening your at work, I am in the house making us a nice meal looking forward to a quiet night in together. The meal prepared I decide to have a shower and get ready for our night together. Heading upstairs and
struggle out of my clothes and into the bathroom eager to feel the heat of the water. I switch on some music playing it loud so I can hear it in the shower removing the last of my clothes climb into the hot stream of water which feels wonderful against my skin.

I begin daydreaming of you and all the things I'd like to do to you, the feel of your naked body against mine. Imagining your kisses the feel of your tongue inside my mouth or running
up my inside thigh. Sliding my fingers gently between my pussy lips pressing them hard against my clit. The more I think of your mouth and tongue the more excited I get.

The music is loud so I don't hear you arrive home from work and come into the bathroom. In a world of my own so caught up pleasuring myself, I am totally oblivious to you standing in the doorway watching me. All I can feel is the tension building up between my thighs and know I am close to coming. My breasts are bobbing up and down in the spray of the water, my breath coming out in little short gasps, my pussy hot
and aching. My orgasm starts rippling through me right through my thighs stomach and breasts before exploding in my groin.

I stand in the afterglow of the orgasm face flushed, eyes closed and panting. Suddenly I feel a movement and turn to see you standing there reaching out you kiss me and ask "Do you want some help?" Before I can answer you kiss me again more passionately than before your tongue
feels cool in my mouth. I hear you kick off your shoes and undo your trousers letting them fall to the floor, moving I stand back and look at the huge erection straining against your boxers. "How long have you been watching me ?"
I whisper "Long enough and want you to do it again for me, this time I want a really close up view !" You pull me into your arms and hold me close "Don't bother drying" you say huskily "I like you wet". Moving into the bedroom my heart pounds as you strip off the remainder of your clothes and stretch out on the bed next to me. Leaning over me start to flick my mouth with your
tongue, licking and forcing my lips apart gently probe my mouth. Your hands caress my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples. I can feel my pussy twitching in anticipation so I move my hand down to explore my wetness once again.

Your head follows the path of my hand leaving hot wet kissed all down my torso until your mouth rests between my legs. I feel your breath on my quim as I hear you say "I'm going to lick you and fuck you all night" "I've waited a long time for this." in response I moan and thrust my hips at you. "Oh no" you say "first I want to watch you get yourself all nice and wet for me!"

Slowly and gently I start to finger my clit, then as desire mounts I rub it harder and harder, you reach down start licking and kissing my fingers and pussy as I continued to finger
myself. Your tongue pushing under my finger and slipping inside me darting in and out to the same rhythm driving me crazy, I can feel my entire pussy swelling and opening up to you "Your getting my cock really hard" you
whisper. You slide two fingers into me and start pumping them into me in and out rubbing against the hot bud of my clit. The tension is building in me and know I am ready to explode. "Not yet, I haven't finished with you" you say drawing your fingers away from me leaving me feeling
empty and aching.

Thankfully you didn't leave me like that and soon I feel the hot tip of your cock nudging against my soaking pussy lips. You pause holding still over me for a second then plunge straight into me giving me everything right up to my hilt. I feel your balls pressing up against my arse with everyone of your slow deep thrusts, each time you pull out almost completely leaving just the head inside me before sliding it back in very slowly so I can feel every ridge and
vein of it penetrate me. I claw at your shoulders gripping at your cock with my pussy muscles teetering on the brink of an orgasm. Sensing my need you speed up your strokes fucking
me harder, deeper and faster until I can take no more and an earth shattering orgasm tears through me from my toes to my scalp, pushing you over the edge and I feel your cock swelling and pulsating inside me jerking as you let go of
your flood of hot cum.

Falling into a sweaty heap, exhausted but very satisfied, it proved to be a long night when neither of us got much sleep.

Written by LadyScarlettxx

meandher1176 46M/51F

6/29/2006 9:16 am

ladyscarlettxx another great story. could you message us again so we can give you our email address and take things futher ?

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