part 2  

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4/11/2006 10:16 pm

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part 2

She sits on her bed, legs beneath her, still blindfolded, but otherwise free. She resists the urge to ask her captors if she can remove the thin silky material that covers her eyes. She does not want to upset them. She waits patiently to be told what it is she is to do. “Massage you tits”. Both hands move to her soft 38DD’s. As she squeezes her nipples the memory of warm lips comes back to her. She pinches and rolls her nipples between her fingers. It feels so right. Making the decision in her head to go above and beyond what her masters wish of her, she lifts her beautiful left breast to her mouth and begins to suck and bite her own nipple. There is movement on the bed and she can tell that two of the men have positioned themselves on either side of her and one behind her. “Stand up”. She does so. “Spread you legs and bend over” Again she complies, this time daring to ask if she could be allowed to place her hands on the bed for support. “Permission granted, but don’t push it you dirty little slut”. The sound of the harsh words stirs the fires growing in her abdomen again. She is now on the bed with her ass high in the air and her pussy open for all to see. She is still covered in cum and her sweet pussy nectar drips down her thighs. There is a warming sensation near her mound. Hot breath. Anticipation running through her, she knows what will happen next. She bends her knees a little to poke her pussy out for better access. As her clit is engulfed, her legs give out beneath her. She falls, straddling the man who has positioned himself under her. Without even thinking to ask she takes his rod and slides slowly down on it. There is something different about this one. It’s not that same cock the violated her only minutes earlier. Instinctively she sits upright, her hands move to her breasts, and she begins to rock gently back and forth. The man she is fucking places his hands on her ass, using her as leverage to push his cock in her as far as physically possible. Lost in the ecstasy of the new cock invading her core, she is taken by surprise when her head is jerked back by her hair and another thrust into her mouth. She is in complete submission to the two men penetrating her. One below, whipping her gushing pussy into slight foam. And the other having a tight grip on her hair, fucking her face. Her hands leave her tits to hold on to the hips of the man in her mouth. The hands of the third man replace them. The one behind her. While torturing her nipples, he caresses, her neck and back with his lips and tongue. Working his way down to the crack of her ass. She leans forward to give him a better look. He rubs her hind hole with the head of his dick. Teasing her, he pushes against it, but does not penetrate. She’s now rocking backward trying to find the rod she desperately wants in her ass. He slides his shaft in all the way to the pubic bone and slowly starts to fuck her in the ass. Her mind starts to swirl with pleasure. To be filled by three men at the same time is almost too much for her. Her whole body is on fire. She can feel the orgasmic impulses boiling inside her again. This time she does not try to hold back, just lets it all go. Her legs start to quiver. She knows its coming and braces herself. With all the power of a volcano her pussy erupts and extream bliss fills every cell in her body. The men keep pumping in and out of her every opening. After what seems like an eternity her climax releases her body from its grip and she is once again able to move. All at once all three men pull themselves from her ravaged body just in time to shower her with their essence. On her back, in her hair, on her heaving breast and on her face. Her mind is suspended in time, she has never felt pleasure of this magnitude. The hot fluid running down every part of her body, the strong scent of sex, the sweet pain in between her cum covered thighs, its all to much to bear. Her mind races as she falls into unconsciousness.
She stirs at the strong smell of coffee drifting into her bedroom. She looks around as she stretches to wake herself up. Her laundry basket is on the dresser, but empty. The cloths folded and stacked neatly into their respective piles. Her hair is damp. It smells like her shampoo. Her favorite nightgown covers her clean body. Still trying to get a grip on what happened, was it a dream maybe? Then she realizes the pain that remains in her mid section. On the verge of panic she jumps out of bed nearly knocking over her husband and the cup of coffee he has brought her. He sits the mug down and reaches out to take her in his arms. She is almost in tears from the guilt she feels. There was nothing she could have done to stop it but she didn’t have to enjoy it like she did. He pulls her close in a tight embrace. As she nuzzles his neck she notices a slight smudge of dark green below his ear. She pulls back and looks him in the eyes. He smiles warmly at her and asks if anything interesting happened today.

SirMounts 103M

4/22/2006 12:34 am

A very common fantasy for many women... but perhaps never told so very well.
Thank you for that, and welcome to the blogs, LadyLoco. *smiling*

9Simon9 68M
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4/26/2006 1:54 pm

Great erotic writing.

Looking forward to future posts.

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