Profiles - One Size Fits All ?  

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4/29/2006 6:51 pm

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Profiles - One Size Fits All ?

I have noticed lately that a great majority of profiles I read or come across are written by the profile helper.

What is with this? Are people too lazy to write their own profile and be at least somewhat honest in who they are and yet remain anonymous?

Frankly I get sick of reading the same thing over and over. I am not looking to change my life just change it to tune of one woman/change the pace of my social life/spice it up a little or whatever the heck the options are really doesn't cut it for me in making a profile stand out. Nor does "emails with a naked photo get special consideration".

Now bear in mind I do not look at female profiles in general as I have no interest in a woman as a partner so I do not know if they do the same but tell me guys, why do you not write your own? Daily in the blogs and in the magazine there are posts from men saying variations of "Why am I getting no response?" or "Why am I not getting any?" and yet a good 60-70% of these profile read all the same.

You post these dick pics and not your face, you post the same drivel as everyone else and yet you expect to stand out.

After a while all the cocks start to look the same. By posting a pic of your manhood (as proud as you may be of it) I am afraid that to most women on here you do just NOT stand out from the herd. Same goes for posting the same profile containing the same drivel as everyone else.

In addition it is well known and has been shown by quite a few others on this site that there are many who post pics that are not even of themselves as they are all posting EXACTLY THE SAME picture of someones cock and you can be sure it belongs to none of them.

As a woman I want to know about the REAL you. If things develop I may well be interested in your cock but it is certainly NOT the FIRST thing I want to know about you. Same goes for the written profile. I want it written in YOUR words not some computer generated blurb.

How and what you write will tell me a great deal about you even before we have chatted or anything else. Using a computer generated profile tells me you are too lazy or afraid to do it for yourself.

Why are people so afraid of being the genuine selves? On here it does not matter how bizarre your likes or dislike seem to most as there is always someone who will like the same. For those who have certain fetishes there is someone who shares the same thing. For those who want friends with benefits there are others who want the same and for those who want more there are those who do also.

Caution about revealing TOO much is a fair thing and I do NOT expect that every profile will have a face photo on it for a variety of reasons. Same goes for profile information. No one expects you to tell all, just the essence of who you are and what you want from here.

Generally, if I have someone who winks or even emails me with a computer generated profile it will be a polite thanks but no thanks and I move on. If you cannot be bothered taking a few minutes to write a few lines for yourself then you are not for me anyway.

What do you think of the profile helper and the computer generated profiles?

hungry_eyes2000 51M

5/3/2006 6:41 am

To get me started Why not! I'm not the poetic, energetic big cocked lover straight off the bat, I'm new to all of this!! This isn't where I pictured myself being but I'm trying! People, places and experiences you know! Any help I personally get to start me off is welcomed. 4 Weeks ago a computer generated profile was .... who knows... my point is 'I are learning'. Without it I would never have had the opportunity to come across someone as passionate as you! ....and as for my profile helper ... well, its a work in progress.

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