Ode To Oral  

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Ode To Oral

For those of you who have looked at my blog in the last week or so, you will have noticed a recurring theme about oral sex. So here now is a poem dedicated to it.

Ode To Oral

Down my body you place your kisses
Stopping and tasting as if I am delicious
Over my stomach and down to my thighs
Making me squirm and hearing my sighs
You kiss your way down then up my leg
By then I am almost ready to beg
Closer and closer to the goal you get
My legs part for you but you are not there yet
Still you tease and taunt and tease
Knowing exactly how to please
At last your mouth descends on the right spot
Your lips and tongue are warm….no ..hot
Licking and tasting and gently kissing
Letting me know what I have been missing
Your tongue it swirls bringing such ecstasy
As you gently slide your fingers in me
If you dare moved now I would grab your hair
Putting your mouth where I want and holding you there
I push my hips up towards your face
As you take me closer and closer to that place
Where heaven meets earth and everything shatters
And pleasure is all and nothing else matters
My hands claw the sheets under me as I strain my hips
Seeking ever after that tongue and those lips
Your fingers and tongue start to move faster
Of this you definitely are the master
My heart it races, I start to shake and shiver
Under the spell of the pleasure you deliver
Pure, wonderful, absolute bliss
Only with you do I feel like this
“Don’t stop now,” I shout and cry
And you do not, bringing me higher than high
Rainbows of light spin as I gain release
I wish such pleasure would never cease
The aftermath brings tremors and makes me shiver
And moments later my legs still quiver
As the tremors subside you lift your face and look at me
Your face is all wet but a big grin I see
Magical, wonderful, inspired you are
For bringing me so much pleasure by far
In order to gain such delight
From you I would never put up a fight
I don’t yet know where, or yet who
But I greatly look forward to meeting you.

LadyFantasy68 50F
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4/29/2006 12:18 am


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