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Is there nothing sacred in this world? If any of you think back upon your childhood with fond memories of Prince Adam's quest to rid Eternia of the scourge of Skeletor via his muscle-bound alter-ego check out this website,

laugh your ass off, and come back here for the tale of the death of my innocence.
Did you know that in kindergarten I was one of six, SIX, He-Mans in my class for Halloween? There was no way you could get manlier than He-Man. It's right there in his name, for christ's sake. He! Man! I don't know how you could up the ante beyond that. He-Man Penis-Guy? Schlongy-McJohnson? Pectoral-Wangdude?
Now, with hindsight, I can see it all so clearly. The Prince Valiant hair cut. The barely-there costume. For the love of all that's holy, "The MASTERS of the Universe." The submissive/dominant sexual role playing was right there in the title. The larger-than-life action hero I idolized as an impressionable young boy wasn't fighting alongside Man-At-Arms he was trying to get into the Arms-Of-A-Man! That's right, He-Man was the Tinky Winky of our generation. Why Jerry Falwell wasn't spazing over this is beyond me.
Don't get me wrong. I'm a member of the east coast liberal elite. I have no moral qualms with any form of sexual activity between two (or possibly three if you can pull it off) consenting adults whether they be straight, gay, bi, or even trisexual (it's only a matter of time people, I don't know how, but some brilliant young trail-blazer is gonna figure it out). I don't even have a problem with He-man being gay. He just can't be weapons-grade gay. He can't be Queer Eye gay. You can't hold the fate of Grey Skull in your hands with limp wrists.
Luckily, all is not lost. A couple years back they made a new He-Man cartoon and they seemed to have left all the subliminal homoeroticism where it belongs, in the hands of Batman & Robin director, Joel Schumacher (nipples on the Batsuit, Mr. Schumacher, have you no decency?). The Prince Valiant is gone, replaced by a rugged unkempt look (no product in that hair). And for once, the loincloth leaves a little to the imagination. But for you purists out there, don't fret. Some things haven't changed. The sexual tension between Orko and He-Man, oy, don't get me started. Will they or won't they? The suspense is killing me.

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OMG I loved Skeletor!

I would do He Man if I was a cartoon

Purry {=}


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