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AngelM is someone who likes to have a good time with the right people.
Lucky for Everett and I, we're on the list!
Wednesday afternoons are usually pretty quiet here at our cozy dungeon in Blogland.
Generally, just he and I here plugging away at stuff on the ‘puter.
I mean we’re ready for whatever, but on Wednesdays no one ever drops in. Besides the usual stuff: gloves, lube, Mr. Hitachi, butt plugs (electric and regular) a strap on, the swing, we had just installed a suspension bar. We like to be ready to do something new and this time it was going to be suspension (upside down, of course) for our next guest.
AngelM showed up unannounced at about 4:00 PM. She was in her little black slip dress, black 4-inch heels and had on her evening makeup. We said our hellos and ushered her into the dining room, where we sat her on the teak dining room table. She said that she had just dropped by to see if we wanted to go for drinks. But one look at the new suspension bar seemed to change her plans.
We kept her dress on (she's naked underneath, of course), but put on her fetish boots and wrist cuffs and personalized collar. She did remark as to the absence of ankle cuffs, but we let her wonder.
We laid her on her back so Everett could have a munch. I positioned myself over her face so she could amuse both of us with her clever mouth. Everett has AngelM 's pussy-eating number and it wasn't long before she couldn't concentrate on my needs any more, so I hopped off and kissed her instead. The closer she gets to coming, the more she concentrates and gets a certain set to her jaw. I played with her beautiful boobs and whispered naughty things in her ear about what a dirty slut she was. Soon she was begging for permission to …

“Ring! Ring!” someone at the side door. I’ll be right back!!!!!


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