LaPlaytogether 64M/64F
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7/17/2006 8:48 am

High on top of the mountain, far from prying eyes and nosey neighbors...is a place for others of the BDSM Lifestyle to come and play in nature.
The freedom of outside bondage, outdoors nude and the meeting of like minded of the Way...
You are warmly greeted at the door by a naked collared house male, TV, TS or female sub, who shows you in to the Head Bitch.
Dressed in a leather corset and thigh high heel boots, She instructs you of the house and land rules and bids you to enjoy all that the mountain can offer.
The land is rich with hardwood trees and natural springs. The sounds of nature surround you and your's as you play naked in the cool springs.
Evening arrives as the large bon fire is lit and the other guests join for a meet and greet before playing to the dancing flames that lick the sky. Lust, passion and pain in the outdoors...

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