LaPlaytogether 64M/64F
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9/11/2006 10:56 am

So this is what it feels like
with only songs of truth
to echo through the fairy tales
of my forgotten youth....
this is what it sounds like
the pulse upon my brain
for now I have eternity
to flow within my veins
this is what it tastes like
dear morality's regrets
a land so plush of morbid thoughts
what truce must I accept.....
for this is what it looks like
with the sinner crimson paints
what hues must I solidify
to resurrect a saint
this is what it feels like
this numb and helpless brail
where the desert has but sand to sing
of this apocalyptic tale
now this is what the world is like
when the images are stripped
now, as simple as a single life
and just as insignificant......

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