LaPlaytogether 63M/63F
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7/9/2006 9:55 am

Your breath is upon my neck
anticipation of what's to come.....
soon your hands will wander
and my patiences will come undone
I crave that wicked embrace
that puts my senses on edge
I need to get a taste
of what I know will be
~~Simply Orgasmic~~
your body
now pressed hard against me
hands exploring
every curve
every feature
every dip
and every line
you commit to your actions
your hands go lower
our breath gets faster
your touch.....
~~Simply Orgasmic~~
hard pressed against me
you find my sweet wetness
that awaits
the throbbing deep inside me
that only you can sate
so PLEASE take me hard
PLEASE take me now
I can't wait any longer
~~Simply Orgasmic~~

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