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8/27/2006 4:46 am

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....the essence of passion
the very embodiment of sensation
the most sacred gift of all nature
through which fervent emotion flourishes
to touch...
to gently sift across skin
to allow the strength of temptation to crease
and let the force be felt through tense heat
the flow of sweat, the overwhelming wetness
the rush of blood, electrifying every nerve
the melodic rhythm of each thrusting movement
swimming through the mood and through each other
pulsating against each other's hips
grabbing waists, pulling the source
the origin of satisfaction toward the hunger
the desire, the hunger, the need to flood each other
with pleasure, playful pain, breathless arousal
the craving of ever needing to devour.....
forgetting all sensations, lost in powerful lust
mouths open, a curious tongue ventures
across his lips, his neck, his chest, his stomach
lower and lower....
reaching his muscle, quenching my thirst
the sensitivity sends out jolts of un tamable moans
his hands drifting down the curves of my thighs
the motions overflow across our trembling bodies
my want is his, and with such gentle power
his movements ripple fiery adoration though my body
pulling repetition over taken
thrusting inward, regretfully letting go
slowly moving inward again, holding to savor
the quivering muscles being toyed with beg for more
both holding on tighter
wanting only for it to last
the forces they both feel begin
to show signs of eruption
the groans and waves of bursting liquids combine
fill the atmosphere and ambiance of darkness
the aura of lustrous satisfaction will forever
be hungered for......

rm_anacortes 75M
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8/28/2006 1:45 pm

I can't wait till you hit the clutch and shift out of first gear into something a bit more "sacred"..

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