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8/25/2006 10:27 am

The United Nation (UN) is suppose to be the forum for addressing the world's problem yet it can't. The UN member states have made this world body noll and void. Member states of the security counsil have hijacked the UN. Today we see how Kofi Annan is struggling to implement UN Resolution 1701. It appears that all the United Nations is doing is passing UN-resolution that affects no one and is left to the interpretation of others. France broker 1701 which broght about the cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah and made a valid point that UN Peacekeepers need to have clear guidelines of the Rules of Engagement. As we see in Darfur the African Union troops have no clear guidelines on engagement so still thousands are slaughtered every day in this region. It is only now that the United States see fit to send a top level diplomat to Khartum to broker UN Peacekeepers in Darfur.

Will the UN continue to pass toothless and bindless resolutions? As we saw with professional fanfare how Saddam ignored every resolution passed by the UN Security Counsil. Are we to believe that Iran will adhere to any pass enacting sanctions against them? No!We need to accept the fact that as long as other nations such as Israel, Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, Russia, United States, China and North Korea have nuclear weapons then every kid on the world block will want to have one too. This is the new detente in world affairs. This is the new insurance policy against American aggression develope a few nuclear bombs and American won't invade.

Let us watch and see what happens after 31.8.06 when Iran is suppose to stand down with its efforts to enrich urainium. Resolution 1706 will be one to watch for.

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