The Dating Game  

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9/9/2006 9:13 am

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The Dating Game

Hello, Adult World. How many of you have had someone you agreed to go on a date with and they never turned up or cancelled the date at the last possible minute? Yes those players and gamers that give you all assurances that they'll be there but all of sudden they have car problems, their cell phone went dead, they got lost on the autobahn (highway), they got your city mixed up. What about the ones you agree to meet them in their city and all of sudden they don't know their way around their own hometown? I hate liars and as you can tell most of my latest blog enteries are dedicated to this subject of honesty.

I made some dates here and I have had to cancel them for legitimate reason. I have a friend on here and she had a date with a guy who was to drive to meet her. He then called at the last minute to tell her his brakes are not working right. Next time he called her he asked her to come over to his place and when she said no he said he'll go to her. Well he came up with another excuse. This is the kind of guy that calls a woman for a date only as a last resort. If he had told that woman he made other plans she would have understand. Men I know you've had this done to you too. I hate it! I hate it!

What about the people who send you photos of what they looked like ten years ago? OMG why the hell can't they be honest and say hey I don't look like this. Not only are they lying to you but they lack confidence in themselves. I told a woman the other day I want to see what she look like now not when she was a size 2. She never wrote me back and I wasn't made at her I just thought that she lacked confidence in herself.

The dating game should not be conducted on lies and misdirection. Lies are for lawyers and misdirection are for magicians. Lying is making a decision for someone else. Would you want me making a decision for you? If the answer is no, then why the hell would you want to do it to others? Remember this life is a circle everything goes around and comes around and has physics have taught us it comes around faster and with more velocity.

Men & Women remember that if you exude confidence in yourself people will in you. If you plan your dates properly and you're honest why you change plans you'll be successful on here. If you lie to one person on here or you treat them ill more people will know. I found out how small this world is when I met two women who knew me and knew me not directly but through others I know.

Bob Marley said you got to tell the children the truth also you must tell your fellow adult counterparts the truth and you'll have fun.

Well take care until I come up with another interesting American Breakfast Serial call Luckie Charms.


patnpearl 46M/44F

9/10/2006 12:59 am

We definately know what you mean. I had gone thru the same old story as well. I had made plans with this so called man and he reasured me he was going to come. I asked him that same day if he was going to make the travel,he said yes. I made all the reservations and got the hotel room ready. I called him back and gave him the info to the hotel. That LIAR never showed up and I waisted my time and money.

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