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8/29/2006 10:10 am

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No Phone Call

It is me again AdultFriendFinder World.

My recent Blog entries have been inspired by the stories I have heard from some of my friends on here and my own personal experience. Let's take girl4blackboys she received a nasty email because she's into black guys. Another friend of mine receive a very nasty email calling her names because she's not into guys and told one gentle idiot that she only sleep with Luke_ty of the male gender. He wonder if she did this because luke_ty is black and has a big stick. No you idiot it because of all the idiots she met I treated her like a lady.

Why some of you can't call the man or woman you met on here slept with after the sex. It is not just good or bad sex, I find this to be the case almost 7/10 which is pretty messed up. You had enough gusto to call all before getting the prize now you got it you can't call that man or woman and say hello? Oh but some make me crack up, when they are horny and there's no one else paying them attention they call that person whom they got laid by and try to talk him or her into coming over. It is mostly men doing this ugly deed. In my last post I state respect is the name of the game. But respect is not all, you got to be a genuine article and show people that they are not just a piece of meat. You know what they say in the advertisement world-"The best form of advertisement is word-of-mouth and it is darn cheap too." So for you guys and dolls out there getting piece and turning you nose up north after remember all it takes is for someone to say you're an ugly lay or bad date and then you're really be digging into that crusty old black (now grey) book of yours trying to ignite some old flame.

What does it take to call a woman or a man back and say "hey I enjoyed myself let's do it again." What is so wrong in paying a complement? Catch more flies with honey than vinegar rings a bell? So just as you advertise your wears and tools be sweet enough to call and say thanks and be genuine don't just do it because you want to keep the pie warm in case you need another piece later. Keep the pie hot and interesting so that it will always taste delicious and be tempting not just to you but to the world.

My success on this site comes from the fact I believe in courtesy and honour. I believe in respect and showing charm. It is not a ploy or a game but it is my character and some people need to learn these elements of being a gentleman. Like I said in my posting yesterday we haven't signed away our rights to be treated with respect and decency on this site. Everyone should take this into consideration. When profile says "No Single Men" the author means "No Single Men." When says Straight for sexual orientation it meant to be that. It is not a signal for you to try and chage the profile's preference. Shit I am tired of the request from the TSVG and gays for me to meet them. I am not bi I am straight and I like pussy which mean I like the pussy God made not the one created in a mind and designed in an Operating Room-nope no artificial candy and sweeteners for Luke.

Back to the subject-Ladies, Gentlemen, and all Others a simple phone call acknowledging you had a good time will work wonders for your next date.

Another American Morning SeReal call Trixx not for Kids but for Adults.

P.S. If I have personally offended anyone with what I say here I do not apologise. Take out your binoculars turn them around and take off the cap and you'll see the object.


Girl4blackboys 41F

8/29/2006 12:08 pm

Well, if I don't get a call,email,sms or whatever in the next 48 hours after dating I guess that person did not enjoy himself very well with me. And I will not get back to him or her or them. Easy rules for easy going

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