Why so many liars?  

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4/20/2006 7:33 pm

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Why so many liars?

Sorry to offend anyone, well not really! come on! You look at some of these profiles and think wow, sounds like a nice person, looks good and seems to put their heart in writing! Then they don't respond or they do and are the complete opposite of what they described they are! Maybe I am just foolish and too old for the bullshit game! I am who I am I am good enough for anyone and many if not most would be happy and maybe proud of who the are with! I don't really understand yet, and hell I am 45! First what are attractive ladies looking for on here? Afraid of? Needs ? Ladies always get more responses, men are Sooo very horny they chase damn near everything! I must admit though, even at my age I have learned some things, some just what to share their sexuality by putting 5 videos of there stuff on here But there are a few real ones here, just looking for a connection they cannot find elsewhere, and do we choose to fuck the chance up by saying we are someone we are not? So, do we lie to meet someone or lie because that is usually what we do? Just curious!

Angel_4bbc_69 58F

5/29/2006 6:40 pm

I totally have to agree with you on this one too. I meet people in here who are not the people you know in cyber. WTF!!!. Yes, I truly believe that men take the time to wink at us women, and add to their hotlist. Whereas a woman spends her time checking her email to see how many men she has checking them, then off to check how many are waiting to be added to join the network. I believe there are women who take the time to reply to emails, wink and add you men to our hotlist, and invite you to our networks. But the percentage, is far below that of a mans.......Just my point of veiw

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