Oh Lover  

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7/26/2006 11:47 am

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Oh Lover

Come here lover
Come to me

No boundaries here tonight
Here we can let the wind
Sweep away our minds

Tickling our imagination
Come to me lover

We can reach
New found lands

Exploring each others
Thoughts and souls
The world can be
Ours to control

Let me show you
The art of the joy
Come lover
My erotic toy

Let's paint each others touch
With rays of delight
Are you ready to begin
A beautiful flight

Reflect on the wonder
Mmmmmmmmmm where to begin
Now down on your knees
Come to me
All I want is the tease

Taunt me delight me
Then you'll see
Your own part of heaven
When I release the find
I'll satisfy your wildest designs

Baby if you learn to please
I'll return the flavor 10 times fold
Then we'll both be devoured
In the lost of the whole

Tell me lover
Tell me what your desire
We'll construct a wall of burning fire

Tease me please me
Let me do you the same
Kiss on my ears
Whisper my name
That will drive me insane

Then baby look out
You'll be in for a surprise
When the fire does ignite

You'll be in for the lesson
Of your life

Are you ready?

You won't need paper or ink
To understand
You won't need notes
To study later

Cause babe let me tell you
You might get better
But I can guarantee
You'll remember me
In your fantasy dreams

Are you ready?
Where to begin

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