Musical Reprise  

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2/17/2006 8:02 pm

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Musical Reprise

He woke to sweet sounds of lazy day blues being serenaded
yawning creatures of the light.

Their hypnotizing songs were penetrating through his
French doors.
Flowing scents of lavender were dancing in and around curtains
as they waved good morning

His eyes were focused on something breathe taking to him.
Lying beside him on the big fluffy mattress, was the answer,
his heart had hoped for.

He tired not to make a sound so he could just absorbed all
the beauty that was being painted on the magical bedspread.

Long curls draped across the pillow sham, a picture perfect
face that held a soft glowing aura as she dreamed. His mind
wondered if his face was the main reason for her silent Mona
Lisa smile.

Her lips slightly parted, it was taking all of his power
not to slide over and connect his own.

The silk sheet had slid down just enough to expose one of
her milky white breasts that was standing at attention
as her child like hand was barely covering the remainder.

He was exploring each and every crinkle of the sheet that
covered the rest of her tightly sculptured body

His mind was being transported back to the night before
when the moon and stars were shinning just enough light
for him to see the expressions on her face as they made love
deep into the night. After breaking the bearers of sound,
they fell gently into one another’s arms. They were then
quickly swept to helms of a dream lover’s paradise.

The sun was slowing tracing across the room as she was taking
her rightfully place at the top of the thrown. Her radiant
rays were drifting up the satin sheet tracing the curves
so his eyes could feast even more at the intriguing
dish that was nestled next to him.

Slowly the rays of the sun swam up the sheet till they engulfed
her now revealing naked flesh. He couldn’t reset any more
he had to have her taste on his lips.

He moved in slowly like a leopard would ready to strike his
kill, but his only thoughts were to have an instant replay
of the blockbuster created the night before.

His thirst begged to be quenched and she was the only one
with enough tantalizing beauty to do so.

Slowly he began softly kissing her closed eyes till he felt
movement. Then he moved down to her rosy brushed cheeks.
Her body was responding to his every touch. A melody of chants
lingered from her mouth. Mmm good morning escaped in a whisper
from her inviting lips.

Eyes still closed she reached to embrace the explorer who
was opening the floodgates once again.

Music that was played now was stretching strings captivating
their souls. It was one of lives most precious melodies
being sung in prefect harmony and rhythm. Soon it over powered
the lazy day blues with crisp inviting sounds of good morning

With each tender note, doors opened with no locks to bind
their minds.

As the world awoke so did they, a little bit more, in each
other’s hearts.

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