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2/19/2006 1:52 pm

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Feed Me

Oh sweet baby
What have you done to me
How I hunger
For the need of your touch
My body starves for the deepness
Of your control
You have reached such depths
Such depths of untapped passion
You found a way to break it free
By the want of your seduction
As you embedded it in me

Oh sweet baby
What have you done to me
No one has taken me to the flight
Soaring altitudes
Flying baby flying with you

Oh my
What you do to me
Take me I'm butter in your hands
I'll melt with you
Into you
Our rhythm serenades our minds
Let your creative juices consume me
As you release mine

Feed me baby
Feed my hunger
Extinguish this insatiable appetite
That you have given me

Oh sweet baby
I love what you have done to me
Feed me
Feed me

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