Enchantress of Dreams  

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3/8/2006 6:48 am

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Enchantress of Dreams

See her when you close your eyes
She'll be there when you need her

She's always around in the night's passion
She'll take you where your imagination
Can reach all extremes
She'll do all to please
She'll fulfill all of your dreams

Let her in
Let her fly
Let her take you to new worlds to try

Wonders she has instore for you
Will caress any fantasy alive

She's the vision
You have searched
All you life to see
She's the seductress
You crave to hold at night
She'll give you warmth
She'll strip you of fright

Give into the power
She also hungers to feed upon
Reach out to her when she's near you side
Feel her body as the fire thrives

An eternal flame though flesh desire
One touch will melt all barriers

Reach out her
Touch her
Look in her eyes
She's here to fill wants you need to thrive
She'll never leave your side

So just close your eyes
Wish her there inside your mind

Fall deeply into her realm
She'll be there waiting for you
For she will always be your enchanted dish
Just make the wish

Speak her name when you reach for her
For she is the spirit that lives in the night
She'll always be your one and only special
Enchantress of dreams

In your mind
Who might your enchantress be?

Call her name
Look, dream, and believe

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