Surf, Sand, and Self Deprecation?  

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8/29/2005 7:03 pm

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Surf, Sand, and Self Deprecation?

I've been on here about a month, although I made this account a few years ago. I upgraded after I got over the denial stage and decided to try and move on. Get depressed? Go surf. Surfing everyday lately, and not just because its fun.

60 visits to my profile. 3 emails back from the 50 I've sent. What gives? This much suckage should be dragging people in from as far away as San Francisco.

The first couldn't speak enough english for me to understand. The second could have won a part as the Ice Queen from Narnia, and the third...we'll see. My warning flags are already starting to be raised. Reminds me of the psycho Latter Day Saints girl.

What gives, ladies? We're not all rock stars and football heroes. I'm not as plain as John Doe, but a quiet and simple life is all I really want. My days of drinking myself crosseyed are long over. I left them behind when I left the Navy.

Comments always welcome.

Except ones that look like: "OMG LIK UR TEH SUK!! LOL!!1"

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