Losing a friend  

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8/31/2005 11:24 am

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Losing a friend

I lost a friend yesterday. An ex-girlfriend of mine, who had stuck it out because we wanted to remain part of each other's lives. My last girlfriend hated her. Didn't want her to even talk to me via email, much less the phone. I held out. Nobody can dictate who your friends are, even the one person you love. That's what I believe, anyhow. They became a part of my life for a reason, and it wasn't because they had a hole between their legs.

A visit over coffee does not mean I'm fucking them again.

Apparently, she doesn't feel quite the same way. we had an instant message conversation, and she broke it to me. Her new boyfriend, who she thinks she's going to marry (after 5 months of dating?!) doesn't like me. I hurt her. My presence in her life makes him insecure and blah blah blah.

So I agreed that we should just call it quits for awhile. Then I blocked all her IM screennames, so that I wouldn't be reminded daily of her. I hate the loud silence of not talking.

Did I do the right thing, the principled thing, by bowing out gracefully? I think so. I care about her still, and every other ex-girlfriend I've ever had. I hope it made things a little better for her.

I'm still disappointed though.

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