The PASSION of hunting  

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3/16/2006 9:15 am
The PASSION of hunting

This adventure actually started a few months ago, when just by chance a pop up brought me to the Passion web site.
Being an avid hunter for many years but not actively pursuing any new Females for some time, well lets just say I caught the bug.
Being not sure just how this worked I created a screen name and went merrily clicking from page to page. It was then that I discovered a way to coral my prey. The beloved HOT LIST I could place these wondrous beauties in my Hot List and they would be mine for the taking. How could the not want me? They were here weren't they, they were looking right? So once I had rounded up a sizable number of willing prey I set about capturing one. But alas how will I accomplish this? What could I use for ammunition? I then discovered, it was right there in front of me all the time, the WINK!
So I went STRAIGHT to it (a good friend of mine use to tell me "never go straight always go forward") but then she was a lesbian I later discovered I was also lesbian but trapped in a man's body, but those stories of her are for later.
So I went straight to it I winked to Lewiston, I winked to Clarkston, I winked to the North and I winked to the South. After winking 10 times I seen the one and I mean the one she was perfect and I new she would soon be mine. I trembled with anticipation. I dreamed of what she would do to me, and with me, I firmly grabbed my mouse. (the one by the key board I don't use pet names for body parts) and clicked.
I waited nothing happened so I clicked again, still nothing, what was happening to me I am so close, are the forces of nature just against me? It's alright I told myself your just excited, relax this happens to every body now an then. I thought reboot, exit and re enter, no thats not the answer every thing else is working. It was then I discovered I was only a standard member and a MALE. I was only allowed 10 winks per day!
OH NO, now what upgrade I must upgrade! No I realized that passion knew I was coming and set it up that way to level the playing field, it was only fair. I must wait for another day return fully loaded with 10 more winks tomorrow and use them wisely make every wink count.
And so it was I was careful to only wink when my winks might work. (say that 5 times fast) Each day I would come and search, each day I would wink leaving no likely FEMALE unwinked. Here a wink there a wink every day my ten winks. And then it happened!
I looked at my screen and what to my wondering eyes should appear but one tiny little wink, from one of you dear's........... well shall i continue???

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