Well OK I looked over my post and I sound like DR PHIL  

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8/8/2006 4:42 pm

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8/22/2006 1:22 am

Well OK I looked over my post and I sound like DR PHIL

Some thing's I've done and some thing's I would like to try, I never kiss and tell To a point so I will do it this way,You can never tell if I have or I'm just being a perve.

(1)Would you like to make love under the moon light in a storm in the rain not even think about it, just make real love from the heart and soul anything go's, Use your whole body and mind. Just take the time to make it last all night long think up new possion's and way's to please not you but them. Find diffrent way's and part's of the body to please and excite.

(2)Or would you rather go for a nice swim in the nude under the star light and have me run my tounge up and down your body nibbling on you getting you so horney you just have to grab me and say make love to me now.

(3)Or would you rather just make out under the star's and have me get you so horney that you cum in your pant's with out me even touching you there.

(4)Or would you rather get some flavored oil tear the sheet's off a waterbed cover our body's in it and on it,Give you a nice body rub than run my tounge around your nipple's or cock or your breast's and pussy,Start very slow and make every part of our body's tremble with delight and than pick up the pace to bring you to a full climbmax and just when you think it is all over start again.

(5)Or would you rather me master bait in front of you and have me get you so hot that you beg me to let you join in, rubbing my smooth soft skin, making love to myself very slowly, putting all my heart and soul into it.

(6)Or would you rather me just get real nasty with you just giving it to you hard making you feel every bit of my 7-3/4 hard fat cock, making your pussy or ass scream with delight.

(7) Or would you rather me let you use your imagienation on me,let you do the wildest nastest thing's you can imagine.just see how horney you could get me.

( Or would you rather me start kissing you play with the back of your neck nibble on your ear and neck as I wisper dirty little thing's letting you know what is about to happen and how I'm going to make you feel so good, Than I move slowly down your chest with my tounge playing with your nipple's running my tounge down your tummy nibbling the whole time saying thing's of delight as I move down your tummy slowly to your inner thigh's slowly nibbling and running my tounge and teeth ever so carfully after that I start to move in for the good part's you use your imagination because I am BI, I start on top at the same time I'm slowly playing with your ass and inner thigh's with my finger's. Well I don't meen to leave you hanging but I can't give it all away.

(9) I have a lot more were though's came from I just thought I would start off easy.

(10)As the owl with the blow pop said, THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW LOL.


countryheart_71 46F
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8/8/2006 5:59 pm

Ummmmmm...all of the above!!!!


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