O Please help me learn and grow  

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8/9/2006 1:35 pm

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O Please help me learn and grow

I belive that you should get to know someone before you have sex with them a little make out is ok though,Some of my friend's say I'm a freek I should just take what I can get anytime anywere.Sometime's I go to chat room's (beach) and people won't talk to me or you see them write to there friend's HIM and everyone stop's talking or leave's the room.I quite my job's about 3-1/2Yr's ago I was making a shit load of money But I found that I was not happy + I got divorced a little before that, I found that I did not like all the stress and bill's and never having time to do what I want when I want and that I didn't need a house to take care of all the time, Just for me and a dog.So I quit my job's never got a new house after the divorce bought a small VW westfalla that was a POS when I got it so I fixed it up to be as good or, Maybe even better than a house,I have everything in it TV,VCR,DVD,Full computer,Kick ass stereo, frige,running water, shower,hard wood floor's + beautifull woor paneling witch I need to finish now that I think about it ,solor power to run all the extra's,new motor + tran's,you get the drift.But now I just work when I need to, do what I want go were I want.My friend's say look at all the thing's you can do and I know you can do so much more, you are turning into a bum go get a job again and be normal.I have looked at a lot of diferent blog's and post's and than looked at mine, should I keep writing one's like these or should I just let the full on perve in me out and get nasty and stop writing the sappy one's.I don't know for the last one so ,Am I a good looking man or just ok.I already know in my head all the answer's But I would like a diferent outlook please.

Is it wrong of me to want to take thing's slow at first?
Or should I my or there feeling's and grab the moment for what it is?
Am I a asshole or freek?
Or are they freek's and it is only because I am new?
Should I keep living the way I want and just be happy?
Or should I go back to work full time get a house and make a shit load af money?
You like the sappy one's and would like to read more of them?
Or you would rather see some real nasty one's?
Am I good looking?
Am I just ok?

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