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First of all I don't meen to offend anyone if I do I'm sorry, If I thought I was perfect, I would be a f/ing lier, I don't even know the bible that good. Please if anyone read's this, Don't take it to heart, I meen no disrespect.All this has been popping in my head for a while, So I had to write it down.

When the son of god went to the cross. He said god why have you forsaken me, I don't think he ment god but us, All the good thing's he did, All the care and love and We sat back and let him die. I think he ment why is everyone in one voice and mind, not saving me were did I go wrong.I wish that I would have been there.

It is said, that thou shall not drop they seed on the ground, I think in the begining, He ment it because the world was starting and it would make use more potent, If we only used your seed to make baby's.

I am told you should not sleep with your fellow man, But why in the bible does it say, Love your fellow man but does not say how? And why does it feel so good, People say it is ok to put it in a woman's butt but not a man's (What is the different's). I would rather see population brought down by gay people than war or pain and if god know's what we are going to do before hand, Why would he put us here to fail? Why be asamed of who you are. Ya almost forgot why did god give man a G/spot then, to feel good going to the bathroom? But it is ok for a woman to be gay? sorry I don't get it.

It is said, Thou shall not seround thee self with rich's to serve the word of god, But you walk in a church and first thing is a basket going around and expecting 10% of your income,it is decked out and the prist is driving a BMW.(not all mind you) I would not have a problem with it at all, If I was 100% sure it was going to kid's for summer camp to learn and grow, Or feed and help the truly sick, weak, old and forgoten people in the world. Not someone that just want's to save a buck or get over on someone. That is why when I want to talk to god, I go to a stream or look up at the star's.

Well stop now,I'm not going to bore anyone. I just had to write it down, I am in no way perfect, I know this. I have my downfall's just like anyone else(We are only human)And only God can really answer me and explain if I am wright or wrong. It's Just sometime's I look around and see so much war,pain,people fighting instead of loving, People useing one another then trying to say well that is how the world is, Looking at someone like they are a tool for them to get ahead in life, It hurt's and anger's me.MAY GOD HAVE PITTY ON THOSE TYPE OF PEOPLE. Again sorry everyone who read's this.

P.S. I think I got so mad, because I went for coffee a few day's ago and I saw a little boy, That was really deformed to the point his eye's were fused shut his dad or someone was helping him walk, I saw the joy and goodness in this face, but someone drove by looking at him with discust and ooo on there's. It made me so mad I wanted to chase them down grab them by the neck and make them see what I saw. FORGIVE ME LORD.

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