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8/10/2006 1:49 am

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You don't have to have money and rich's to have happyness. A friend once told me, I look at all these people with these nice house's and car's and they suck there not happy, I looked at him like you suck and your not happy, I want all those thing's. But I stopped and took a look at what he was talking about and he was right, (Yes they are nice) but most of them don't own them the bank does and they are so stressed out and angry and greedy all the time that they don't see what they have right in front of there face's (not all mind you). Like a car that get's from point A to point B or bike or two strong leg's or a loved one that is waiting for you at home or a pet that is waiting for you, I have a dog that is very old, when she was a pup she got her head run over by a car half her head is crushed down about 1/8th of a inch her some of her bottom teeth got knocked out and now I have to help her up and down in my van because her leg's are starting to give her trouble, I have to wash her body every day because she can't do it good enough anymore and so fly's won't try to lay magot's on her again (I FREEKED OUT)She is in no pain though or I would put her down.But what I am getting at is I would not trade it for the world, to see her face get happy when I get home or wash her and she know's that I am trying to help going to going to help her and give's me a kiss after to say thank you.Or when I'm down or lonely and she come's up to see if I am ok. Or the smile in a child's face when you take the time to show them something new or help them with something or just let them help you.Or when you do something unexpected and make a home cooked meal by candle light or plan a picnic on a beach or lake or park and watch the sunset together.Or taking the time to pick up your mom or dad and spend the day with them doing the same,They took the time to do it for you and even if they didn't why do you have to be like them, would you have liked them to? What about when you get old do you want to have a loved one do it for you? Did you take your pet for a walk today or play with it, what if you were them would you like to? Dam I went off the subject, I'm sorry but I will leave it anyway.But anyway I guess what I am trying to say is don't worry about what you don't have but be gratful for what you do. Never try to be happy find it in or with yourself, or what is around you or in you.IT is the little thing's that matter the most and can make you happy if you let them or see them.

P.S. My dog is not dead in the pic, that is how she sleep's LOL.

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8/10/2006 2:07 am

my cat sleeps like that too

Bye everyone, it was a blast

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8/12/2006 8:46 am

THX Tracy,
The first time I ever saw her sleep like that was when she was a pup, I came home and she was on the couch, passed out with a bottle of bleach and the cap chewed off. I thought she was dead, I went to check her, she jumped I about craped my pant's LOL.

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