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Awwwww talk about a yawn....~~~~covers my mouth and lets out a major yawn~~~~

Man oh man who needs MADD Magazine or PEOPLE for that fact when you can pay for this stuff...

I gotta know, why in the world would you tell some guy you won't share him? That would scare him from the hills of NC to the shores of Tripoli. At least I have better sense then that...I am so wishy washy and vague in my Profile I have it to what may come. If I am attracted to the SAP then hey sex works for me..But I am willing to share, esp., if the dumb ass can't live up to his profile..WHICH IS ANOTHER ISSUE...
A few of my wonderful friends are on this site with me. I guess we are like the Ghostbusters of this site, finding things to whisper and talk about and wonder whose real and whose fake. But I have found several profiles written by people that I know aren't true.

Like for instance.....~coughs for a second~ One dude I met..Yeah..His profile sounds good, but no face pic., not even on his network. Ladies ladies ladies....Please I beg of thee...Even for the sake of sex ask for a face shot...Or do what I do , call up for a criminal background check..LOL..this dude looked like an escape convict when he met me once at a resturant. Praise God it was at a resturant right?? Then......there was the dude with the hot picture on there...I never see a man that did not match his profile picture in my life..Totally a fake picture....I am not all that and I sure as hell never have lied about what I look like....I don't care what ya think my attitude will make sure nobody screws me over..I can hold out, bitch, whine, and cry on here until the guy is so tired of me he finally goes ok fine I wanted to fuck ya and leave or go damn it girl can't you accept dinner and come on. Always a easy way to find these lying suckers...This works wonders for my male conterparts on here...Esp., for the husband heat seekers out here that don't plainly state that...My eyes would of buldged if I read somewhere on my shit, SHE'S MINE..So I know if I am thinking that, then a man is as freaked out..I don't mind married men as long as they are so rich they can pay me to shut up...~ROTFLMAO~

Aw man I am funny I do swear.....

Anyway, my point being...Don't bs people on here...Get a grip.....I really think this place needs to have some type of psycho button so men that met crazy women can alert the rest of the men..And women who meet would be serial killers can do the same....eHarmony is nice if you looking for just anything...But as I have said earlier this place is awesome if you want to find your equal sexually....No doubt that if you can't be sexually compatiable then you got nothing...Size, looks, hair , nothing works...But I mean, even pregnant people think I am cute...Which tells me I got that GLOW some damn where...I am not skinny at the moment but after the lil one comes look out gym I am back again..Chica gonna be on the MOVE....

One again my pt., being don't bs or waste people's time...Don't lie...Don't be a jackass...Don't stop talking because things aren't your way...Look at profiles...Don't piss off really good people that are looking for that sexual match..Don't player hate those that are sexy or adorably cute that want a good ass pounding...Yanno...Just be honest in what you are looking for butttttttttt read the damn profiles too...Take a moment to research what is being said.......That gives you a wonderful idea if you match this person or not....

Give me another hour after I have awaken and I will rant on some sex for you folks...Y'all know how I am...LOL

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3/26/2006 6:56 am

Crazy women!!! Is there such a thing!! A psycho button? HUH!!

As for people's bullshitting? I love the one's that have that standard " Not one to make the first move, but when things get goin"! Oh! So love that one!!.....


Player hate?? quen es? what is?

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~dips into bag~

Hold on baby let me find a psycho button...



Damn it honey I am all out of psycho buttons.....

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