The Hot Days Of Baseball  

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The Hot Days Of Baseball

As a young girl we all dream of the type of man we will marry or be with. Me being a college student I always visioned I would be with a athletic Guy. One who took pride in his looks. I always had a soft spot for Baseball players. Esp., the college ones. All us sorority girls would load up in the car and travel with our baseball team to cheer them on. We always had a chant or something to say. Me personally, I loved those asses. There is not a girl alive in this world who can honestly say they do not care about the ass. Its from all that running and such that caused that awesome butt. I was always in love with the butt. ~smiles~ I am snickering to myself now remembering.

Well one hot day in September back when I was a college our baseball team was playing an away game. Me and the girls decided we would travel and head up to NC where this game was being played. We never cared if we won or lost but as long as we had fun. Anyway here we head up to this town in NC that none of us had heard.

We get to the school we would play and we thought this is an awesome place. Of course we saw the team we would be playing from the distance and I was like wow they are going to kick our butts. But from a distance there was this one guy I could tell that had this awesome thing about him. He had this Aura about him I could tell. The way his body moved I could tell that he could work it in bed. I know I know its horrible that I even thought that but the way he moved to catch that ball was wow...The way he twisted and turned was awesome.

Lele had to smack me awake from my day dreaming to tell me we had to get going. The game would be starting soon she said. We moved down to the baseball park. We found sets and sat down. There was our schools team. Of course my friends were giggling and cheering on someone they knew from the team, but there he was number 28. My eyes followed him out to the field. My friends all giggled at me asking me what I was looking at. I basically pointed to number 28 , but not of our team of their team. Lele was like wow Chica he is adorable isn't he. I just moved my head up and down. Of course Duckie sat up and had to take notice and was like yeah that is one hot stud. Of course we giggled and laughed it off because we had to cheer on SC's worest baseball team...

Of course we lost the game. Everyone knew we would but who cared. We knew there would be a college party somewhere to go too. Us girls always seemed to find one where we went and crashed at someones house. Of course what we did was kept between the group. ~smiles~ But anyway we left the game and found a resturant. Bethy made a suggestion that we go change into something a lot bit more nicer to go out in. So we all made our way into the bathroom after dinner to change. You know girls, we always have our clothes with us to change just in case. But of course the resturant was more then nice to let us use em...

After we changed we decided to drive around and locate the house with the party. Of course 4 girls in a car we knew we would find a party somewhere. Someone would either flag us down or tell us where to go.

We finally found the hot spot of this area. A house down from the College. Cars and people everywhere, we knew we hit the jackpot. We found a place to park and we all got out. We were a hot bunch. All of us had a flair about us and always found a way for men to flock. It was always fun to say the least. We went up to this two story white house. People were all over the front yard and porch. Some guys saw us coming and must of known we were not from area because they ran up to ask us where we were from. They laughed when we said we were the girls from the losing college. One guy asked Bethy if she wanted a drink and she said sure and lead her up the porch and into the house. Of course it did not take long before Lele and Duckie were sooned escorted in by two cuties. There I was looking around, but then I felt this hand on my shoulder. I turned around and my mouth fell open. It was number 28. OMG I thought to myself. He introduced himself as Luke. I was so silly I couldn't think of what my sisters called me, but finally I spit out Chica. He smiled and said "well Chica how about a drink."

We walked into the house and it was so cool. He lead me to a keg and got me a cup and pumped me out a beer. I took the cup and sipped it. He got his drink and lead me away to a place to sit and talk.

We began talking and laughing. He explained he was from that area of NC and I told him I was from a small place in SC. He had tons of questions to ask me about my college as I did his. We then talked about relationships and thats when he asked me if I was seeing someone. I told him no and that hopefully I would find that special guy. He told me he just broke up with his girlfriend and was lonely. She wanted to be a cheerleader and he did not like the idea of her being one. I sat there amazed at him and how cute he was. He really truely was a cute guy. I really liked talking to him because he was so understanding, smart, and had that baseball players ass. WHOA he was hot....His green eyes and dark hair had me in another world at the moment.

He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. I asked him and basically he said well its my house. " Me and three other players rent it and when we win a game we basically throw a party." He grabbed my hand and lead me to his room that was up stairs. He had a nice room to be a guy. Well hell the whole house was nice to be lived in by guys. Anyway to one side of the room he had a entertainment unit with a awesome tv and then to the side of all that was his computer desk. He even had room for a small sofa that sat halfway in the middle of the room. Then to the other side of was the bed. It was a nice big fluffy bed and he lead me over to it. " Have a sit hon" he said to me. My heart raced as he pushed me down on the bed.

" Chica you are such a hot girl. I even saw you at the game today and something in my mind said you were watching me. I had hoped all day I would see you again and I have." My heart began to beat even more and by this time I began to feel this tightness between my legs. It was my pussy starting to quiver at the thought of him even touching me. Suddenly I felt this wettness over come my pussy.

Luke sat down beside me and his hand came up to my face and he moved into my face to kiss me with his plump lips. His tounge parting mine and searching for my tounge. It was a heated kiss for sure. His hand reached up into my hair and pulled on it as my head went back. He bent his head down and began to kiss my neck and nip at it. My nipples were getting so hard from this. I was in another world. His mouth was sheer gold to me. His hands lowered me to the bed now and he moved on top of me. My hands caressing his face and kissing him. His hands moving my hair to the side and his kisses getting hotter. I was about to explode within. I have never been with a man who could literally turn my world around like he was. My Lord his touches were so amazing it was like nothing I have ever experienced.

His hands came up to my breast and he began to fondle them. He could feel them erect and also I was starting to feel his erect cock. I could tell through his jeans that it was a thick and long one. I was thinking in my mind how I would be able to take him. But I knew he would be a gentle lover. He was taking his time now and teasing me. I thought I would seriously explode right there. I was arching into his body and grinding into him and he was doing the same with me. His tight baseball player ass was so firm and I smacked my hands on his ass as he began to fondle my tits harder. I moved him off me and stood up beside the bed. I slowly took off my tank top that I had been wearing. His eyes were so pleased with my body shape. I then took off my bra for him. My 38 DD's fell out and he nearly passed out. My hands slowly undid my jeans and I dropped them around my feet exposing a cute boy cut pair of panties. His eyes were so excited. I went to take those off and he stopped me asking me to wait. That he wanted to do it. But he did smile when he noticed a small wet spot on the material. I sat back down on the bed and laid back for him to marvel at my body. He then stood up and took off his shirt. Aw wow his chest was so broad. He looked so good. Tight muscles and strong arms that I knew could swoop me up in one move. Then he dropped his jeans and he had on t hese boxers. They were so hot on him. I noticed this bulge in this pants and my eyes stayed focused on him. He took his boxers off and my eyes were in love. His cock had to be at least 8 inches and thick. Aw God I was getting even wetter.

He moved me around on t he bed and brought me to the middle. He got back on the bed and began to lick one of my nipples. Aw Dear God, he was working it over. One hand squeezed it while the othe rhand placed with my other breast. His touches had me on fire for sure. My hands were playing with his hair and I can remeber his saying not to mess his hair up. I did not care I wanted him so bad. He certainly had all of me. He played with my tits and nipples literally bringing me to the point of wanting to cum right then and there. I was getting so went I just knew i was soaking his bed. My panties were so wet. He licked his way down my stomach and then kept on till he got to the crotch of my panties. His tounge moved over the lacy material. His tounge could taste my wetness. He was teasing my pussy lips through the material. I knew I would explode if he did not stop. I wanted to die right there and I wanted to be with him so bad. I didn't know what to think at that moment. My body was arching into his and into his face. I wanted him to move the material to the side and lick my pussy and clit so bad. As soon as I thought that, he did that. I felt his fingers move the material to the side and thats when I felt his awesome tounge licking the lips of my shaved pussy. He moaned as he licked. Then he moved his hands into the material and took them off. I felt him rip them off me. He did not even try to take them off the normal way he just took them and that is what made him even hotter.

My body was exposed to him and I was thrilled. He bent his head down and with his fingers, he spread the lips of my pussy and exposed my clit. His tounge licking the tip of the clit makeing me clinch. He then took a finger and moved it down to the opening of my hole and began to finger me. The slopping sounds of my wetness made him moan and when he did I did. The faster he went as he licked my clit was about to make me cum. I began to moved to the movements of his finger in me and I began to shove my weight onto his finger and face fucking them. Suddenly he stopped me. I was so close oh So fucking close. I was so mad that he was teasing me this way. DAMN HIM.....I looked down and saw his wonderful green eyes looking at me and he had my wetness around his mouth.

At this point he moved up my body using his hands as a perch. My tits pressing against his chest as he came in for a kiss. My wetness around his mouth and I knew he enjoyed me. I certainly knew how sweet I was. He stopped kissing me and then moved even further up. His thighs craddling my arms to my body. His cock was now pressed into my face. Oh God it was a nice one. So damn hard I could feel it pulsating on my tits. He brought it forward to me and he teased my lips with the head of his cock. I giggled because i wanted so bad to let him feel the wetness of my mouth on his cock. He held his cock for me and I was so ready for him. The tip of my tounge began to tease the opening of the cock. I felt something sticky come out of it and it tasted good. He moaned as my tounge ring's tip slipped over the cock's tip. Then he moved further up my chest pinning me to the bed. I was loving this. We had spoken early about how I liked being teased and forced. He grabbed the shaft of his cock and then slipped the hard dick into my wet mouth. Aw God he felt good. Like sucking on a big fucking candy cane. My tounge was swirling around his cock and he moved it in and out for me since i could not. I was loving this so much being held down and forced to take his cock. Aw he was fucking my mouth good. My tounge also giving his cock a party. My licking and sucking was making him harder and I could feel the veins of his dick harddening up....He was moaning and moving faster and I was taking him all. I moaned and the moaning made a humming sound that caused him more pleasure. Finally he arched his back and I knew he would soon cum, but he pulled his dick out. " Chica I need that pussy baby please let me fuck your tight hole." He asked me what position did I want and I told him that I loved to feel the power of a man from behind me smaking my ass and fingering my tight asshole. He let me up and put me on all fours. He spread my legs wide open revealing a pink pussy and a tight asshole waiting for him. He loved seeing the wetness of my pussy in the moonlight.

He began to tease me from behind by tracing the tattoo on my back. He was loving every second of this. He knew my sweet spot for sure. My lower back....I love being teased there. He bent down and bit the back of my back and kept biting. I kept getting wetter from his bites. Finally he stopped and i felt his hands around my waist. Then the head of his cock teasing the opening to my sweet spot. Aw God my front lowered so my ass would be higher for him. He finally pushed his cock into me. I moaned out in pleasure and so did he. He had no idea just how tight I was . I could hear my juices as he began to fuck me. I could feel his body moving and I was getting so much wetter for him. " Aw baby you feel so fucking good aw God yes" he moaned. His body began to move faster and he was pounding me hard. You could hear our bodies hitting together. He just kept on pumping into me making me scream out in pure pleasure. I reached down and began to play with my clit and I kept screaming " Luke aw Luke make me cum please fuck me harder spank my ass please spank me hard." I felt his hand leave my waist and then a SMACK to my ass. I moaned out in pleasure. Then he did it again and I thought I would die. The louder I got the harder he pounded me. He got harder and harder and began to move faster. I rubbed my clit harder and faster and I could feel his cock going into me. " God Chica I can think I am going to cum" and I knew he was because I responded " Aw God Luke aw Luke I am about to cum omg Luke harder fuck me harder baby I am cumming I am cumming" and as soon as I said that He pounded me so hard I thought I would die and then I felt this wetness begin to ooze out of my pussy and I felt him slow down. I came and so did he. OMG it felt good....He pulled his cock out and then he bent down and licked my pussy for me.

He layed me down and turned me on my back and bent to kiss me. MMMMM our juices tasted so damn good.

He looked at me and rubbed my face and snuggled up to me.

The next morning I wake up with a knock on the door and three faces smiling at me in the bed with Luke. " Wow we all got pretty damn lucky last night didn't we." Luke woke up and laughed seeing my sisters starring at us.

Later that morning after the guys fixed all us girls breakfast, Which was so nice of them, we got ready to go. Luke and his teammates and roomates as well walked us to Lele's car.

"Chica I wanna be with you. I really like you and think a lot of you." We exchanged numbers and kissed goodbye.

That happened over 10 yrs ago and its a memory that lives in my thoughts. And now to see Luke again my heart pounds for him. All my sisters are all married. But I am the only one to stay in touch with one of the guys. I can't wait to see him in a few weeks and to this day his voice can get me wet.

I thank God for everyday for that awesome memory of my college day.

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Excuse the grammer mistakes and such I was getting hot writing my own story

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