One Hot Night  

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One Hot Night

If I remember correctly it was about four years ago when Stephanie had a party at her home. Of course she invited a ton of people as always. Her future husband would kill us for sure but Stephanie had a ton of single friends and her soon to me adorable cute husband was in the military. If anyone who is prior military or is now knows that when you go out or meet someone on line they bring their friend for you to hook up. Girls have never been able to leave their friends out esp., when comes to a man in uniform. There is a unwritten law on this. Well hell anyway, Stephanie invited me, my roomate, and a ton more single girls to her party since she knew her future husband would eventually end up inviting his single friends from work.

Well Stephanie lived way out in the country in this small but large military town. If that makes sense..Meaning the town was small but the military was BIGGER. Anyway she lived in the perfect place to throw a party and nobody give a damn who did what or what noise was made. The night of the party came and I promised Stephanie I would bring some type of food. Praise God I did not ask to bring the beer. By the time I got ready and got to the town which was a hour away from me, her yard had not one parking space. I brought 3 girls with me thank God because not one car could of fit in that girls yard. We parked in her neighbors yard who of course were part of this party. But there were 4 KEGGERS there if that tells you how many people were present or coming. I brought some chips and threw the 10 bags on the counter and said here is my part.

My friends and I went into the living room and holy shit...There were about 20 hot and I do mean HOT HOT HOT single marines all over the place. The music was blearing and everyone looked good. The smell that came from that room made me and my friends literally passout. Stephanie's future husband Marcus came running up to us and asked us did we want a drink. Uh yeah we sure as hell did. We made our way through the sea of hope in our very cute and might I say sexy ass outfits. I was wearing a backless black and white shirt that had 3 ties in the back and a pair of adorable jeans with cute shoes. Of course I had to show off my awesome tats I had. Men sometimes love to see some body art on a very cute girl. My hair was shorter then so my tan shoulders were exposed. We all lived right down the road from the beach so we were always laying out getting some sun. I remember going across the sea of hope with my friends and each guy would eye one of us. I knew what this was about. Each guy was trying to figure out which girl would be his by the end of the night. Its not like females don't do this crap either. We are known for our ways as well. Anyway, I remember walking by this very cute and tall guy. He had to be about 6'2, he was oh so built and I could see through his bulging shirt, he had a hot smile, tan skin, brownish blonde hair, and omg these blue eyes that would make you melt. I can remember him offering me a hand to pass by him and steady myself with. Of course I took his hand with no issue and problem. Him touching me sent thrills through me. All I could imagine was him and me dancing or talking. Well I went through and continued to follow Marcus to the porch where the Kegs were sitting and got a cup and poured a drink. The girls and I filtered out into the back yard where the music was and there were a few other people out there already talking.

As the night went on there were poker games, pool games, horse shoes, and volleyball. I for one was having a blast with all of this. My roomate was getting her ass kicked at pool since she had no clue how to play. I was loving every second of any game that gave me attention. I am pretty damn good at anything I put my mind too. While we were playing pool my roomate had meet a guy who was basically assisting her in the game. We were of course laughing and having a damn good time. As I bent over to play my ball I felt this person walk up behind me and stand. As I turned around I saw that one guy that had helped me earlier walk through the sea of hope. He bent his head down and whispered in my ear " you know how to play, my name is Todd and what is your name"? I turned around to face him and I cooly answer " Chica." He asked me what kind of name was that and I explain the college days and how I got my nickname. He thought it was the weirdest thing but he remembered his college days too.

Well he sat down by me and we chitter chatted through the game and finally when we finished he asked me if I wanted to find a quiet place to sit down and talk. I agreed totally on that because if I could spent one second with him away from people I would be so damn happy. Todd lead me over to a area of the house where there was a small garden. Nobody was around and unless someone knew it was there they would not just go there. Todd and I sat down on the bench that Steph must of just placed there recently. I never remember it being there. Todd and I began talking about things. He asked me where I was from and I tol d him orginally from South Carolina where I went to college and majored in Psychology. I moved to NC for a job and now I was single and just loving life. Todd told me he went to the Citadel in SC because his father went. He was now in the military and was a officer with the intelligence department. He had his own home in town and knew Marcus because he was his officer. I was giggling because Marcus hardly listened to anyone. Well anyways Todd and I talked what seemed to be forever. The nite wind kicked up and I shivered. Todd moved into my body to keep me warm and put an arm around me.

I began to shiver more from this mans touch. His smell was so erotic and his head dipped down to nuzzle into the depths of my neck. I was in heaven because my hair fell around him and he sniffed it. I could not see his face of body but I could tell he was pleased and getting more excited by things. Just as I was closing my eyes to think about him more as I felt him near me, I felt his hand touch my chin and pull my face towards him. I was now face to face to this handsome man and my body began to shiver more. Todd looked at me and asked me why I was so cold and his arms then went tighter around my waist. Finally I decided I had to kiss this man or soon die. As he spoke to me I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Our lips meeting and the warmth that I felt set my body on fire. His tounge parted my lips and sought for my tounge. With our lips together our tounges found each other and I nipped at his. Sucking as lightly as I could on his tounge. His moans made my body go limp and then I felt this sudden wetness between my legs. My nipples got hard as well as his hands moved from my waist and came up to my tits. His hands were grabbing me lightly and feeling. We broke away and he looked at me and told me how beautiful I was to him. My heart began to beat faster and I told Todd to please be with me. I wanted to feel him near me and hold me.

Todd stood up and held out his hand for me. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to him. My head met his chest and I closed into him. His lips brushed across my head and then he pulled my face to meet his. I felt his hands on my bare back and the next thing I knew my shirt was falling to the ground. My tits being exposed to him and he gasped in happiness. He had felt them earlier but had to idea how beautiful they were. He took a hand and grabbed a tit and then his head leaned down and his tounge began to lick and ravage my nipple. I thought I would fall down from this. His tounge I could say was fucking my nipple good. His lips sucking oh so hard and then I felt his teeth nip my nipple. His other hand was grabbing and pinching my other nipple. He switched sides then and I thought I would passout. The lips of my pussy were throbbing to be touched and released from their prison of my jeans. I took my hands and moved down to his waist and pulled his shirt out. I began to pull it over his head. He stopped fucking my tits with his mouth and allowed me to move his shirt over his head. OMG his chest and his abs. This was a greek God for sure enough. He was so hot to me. My hands ran over his chest and then my nails. He signed in happiness as my nails went down his chest. He allowed my hands to go down to the top of his jeans and i began to undo the button and then the zipper. He signed out in pleasure. I pushed his jeans down past his wonderful hips and then I noticed he had no underwear on. I was in heaven because as I moved the jeans down past his hips and further, his wonderful 8 and a half inch cock popped out. Aw was it wonderful. He then stepped out of his jeans and he grabbed my hair. I took his hard throbbing cock into my hand and began to massage him. My hand moving up and down his shaft and my hands grabbing his balls too. He was soflty screaming in pleasure.

I brought my head down into the nap of his neck. There I nuzzled him and then bit him. His cock getting harder in my hand. I let my tounge lap up him and I snaked my way down his chest and my hot wet lips and tounge kissing him. My teeth nipping his nipples as well. Finally my head went past his navel and then to his cock. Aw his hot cock was so good in my mouth. My hands moving around his waist to his back and then my nails sunk into his ass cheeks...My mouth fucking his cock and his cock fucking my mouth like it was my tight ass lil pussy...He was now moaning loudly....My head moving up and down him and my nails digging into his flesh...I could feel him starting to jerk and I knew he was ready to cum from my tounge ring slidding up and down that cock...But I would now allow him to cum just yet...I stopped cold on him and he signed and said " OMG baby jesus shit I have never felt anything so good and i really need you Chica right now."

I stood up and undid my pants. My jeans moved down and I shimmied out of them ...My lace thongs exposed to him. His hands gentle moved my thongs down and exposed my clean shaven pussy. He took his hands and placed them on my waist and lead me to the bench. He moved our clothes and used them as a kneeling pad. He came down to my level and his hands caressing my sides...Finally his hands moved my knees apart and he pulled me further down the beach..He grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulder...He moved in and placed his mouth on my pussy lips..He just sat there for a moment licking the outside and tasting the juices..I could hear his moans...Finally he tossed my legs down and spread my legs wider with his big hands and moved my lips apart exosing my clit...He bent his head into me and his lips found my clit..He sucked on it and I then felt his tounge flicking my clit..His mouth was like a orchetra moving in sync. My body began to move into his face and I was moaning so loud. At this point I doubt I give a crap who heard what..The music from the party was drowning us out anyway. But I was in rhythem with him...He was moaning as he fucked my clit...He took a finger and moved it into my soft wet flesh...I was moving my body down on his finger and his face...I then felt more then one finger in me and he was searching for my g-spot and when he did find it, oh was he wet then...He was moving his fingers in and out of me and rubbing my spot, his tounge and lips fucking my clit...I was moving harder and harder onto him and I was about to cum and just as I went down one more time on him I came all over his face..He was moaning harder and licking my juices..My clit swollen and hard...Wet juices and white cum all over his face and he kept pumping me with those fingers and I was trying to fight him off...He would not allow me to move..Finally he could not control himself and he moved away..I was panting and literally sweating..If I did not know better I had splinters in my ass and back but like I cared...I wanted this mans big thick ass cock fucking me...

He pulled me off the bench and he stood up..His cock swaying because it was so damn hard and red ...He firmly and forcefully made me turn to face the bench....He placed my hands at the top of the bench..I felt his hands spread my legs apart....Then as I was bent forward by the foce of his hands I felt his cock make its way into my wet hole...Oh God I was so tight from the orgasm and naturally tight anyway. I was moaning out in pleasure and I could hear him as well...He spanked my ass check and his hands were digging into my waist..His body pumping into mine...His cock going further into me making me want to scream out in pure sheer pleasure...He told me he wanted to fuck me good and fuck my hole...I responded with a you are doing it good baby I love the cock..Fuck me please Todd...He told me he wanted to feel my hand on my clit playing with it..So I did as I was told...He moved my right leg onto the bench seat as my other steadied my body...This made for a better feel and opening but allowed me to play with myself..I was playing my first finger and second around my lips and grabbing his cock as he slammed into my body harder...He smacked my ass again and said fucking play with that clit now...And I began to play with myself with my hand...He wanted me to tell him how it felt..

I responded with Toddy baby omg fuck me hard I am going to cum again please fuck me harder and harder and let me suck your cock when you are done so i can taste you and me together...He was starting to go harder and harder and then I felt his body tighten up and I knew he was ready to explode...His ramming of my body got harder and harder and deeper and deeper and then all of a sudden i felt his thrust go very differently and I knew he had cum..He grunted and pushed into me a few more times....He pulled out and knelt down and licked my swollen lips and tasting my our juices..He moved me around stood up and forced me to kneel in front of him..His semi limp cock full of juices..Suck it now baby suck my cock he demanded...I took him into my mouth and began sucking him...I loved the taste of our cum together..He was so good....I licked his balls off as well..He pulled me to him and we kissed..More juices from our bodies mixing more...Finally he held me close to his body...

His strong arms protecting me from the nite air...He helped me put my clothes back on as I did his..We joined back up to the party holding hands..We were gone maybe 20 mins but it felt like a lifetime...Stephanie was standing out on her porch and she asked what was up..We smiled and said we went walking and wanted to know each other better...From then on out you could not seperate us...But finally the military did...It was the hardest thing telling Todd goodbye as he went overseas but two years of sheer damn pleasure was well worth it...

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thank you I wrote from experience....~wink~ nothing I write is made up.....heheheh

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