My First Time Desire  

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4/30/2006 7:22 pm

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My First Time Desire

A lot of us females have always had desires to be with a female. I can remember that I thought of it but never thought I would try it. This girl I knew called me up one night and said Chica I am meeting this couple at a strip bar would you please come with me. I had no idea that she was bi sexual. She was my friend but she kept her personal life just that. PERSONAL...Anyways we headed down to Jax, NC...Of course being the CAMMIES freak I am, we all know I would love that..But we get down there and head to the strip bar. I had worked as a stripper in COLA, SC for a short time. So a strip club did not bother me...We get to this bar...I wouldn't say it was the best nor were the titties were so nice....But it was a fun place none the less...

Anyways we got there and the place was bouncing...This really hot blonde stood up with a very good looking husband. He looked awesome.....I was so like wanting to nail him...But anyways, I was not there to meet him, my friend was there to meet that couple. Anyways the blonde girl turned to me and said aww wow Kel who is this. The blonde was Faye and her husband was Rick.....Anyways, Faye looked at me and extended her hand. I shook her hand and she felt so nice. Well we all sat down at this cute round table and proceeded to order drinks. Faye and her husband decided to order drinks for all of us which I thought was nice...I was doing shots of tequila while watching these girls shake their ass in my face....

Faye gave me 5's to throw to the strippers and for any man that is a turn on because strippers will touch a female but not a man. One stripper got down and pushed her tits in my face and then bit my neck. My nipples got so hard from that. I began to get wet at the touch of a girl. This was a first time for me. Faye must of noticed and giggled at me. She was not paying any attention to Kel who was there for Faye and her husband. But Rick had come over to me and was talking to me asking me some personal questions at this point. But like it mattered. I was so hammered I would of answered God..I was having a awesome time. Finally I stood up and I told them I had to go to the rest room...

I went to the restroom and just as I was about to shut the door a hand caught the stall and there stood Faye. She pushed me into the stall and locked the door. She brought her head down to my ear and whispered that I was so much hotter then Kel and that she much rather talk to me...I was getting a tad bit excited at the thought...My nipples got hard through my shirt...I was wearing a very sexy backless shirt and she could see the nipples through the shirt material. She knelt her head down and nippled my nipple through my shirt. I gasped....She then moved the material of the shirt over my right breast and bent her head down and licked the tip of my tipple. I nearly passed out...She then began to suck and tug on the nipple making me gasp more. She then told me to pull my pants down. I did as I was told and she then proceeded to bent down on her knees and remove my thong. She licked from my navel to the lips of my pussy...She sniffed and said I smelled so fucking good to her. She moved the lips apart and found my clit and began to lick...I got so wet. She could feel this and as she licked my clit she took a finger and placed it in my wet hole and began fingering me...You could hear the slopping sounds of my wettness...I began moaning so loud....I was nearing a orgasm when she completely stopped...she came up to my face and licked and sucked her very wet fingers and told me there would be more of that tonite....She said she would let her husband taste and smell me and let her know if he wanted a piece of my ass too...I quivered in total pleasure....

She left out of the stall and headed back out. She basically told me to come on. I walked about behind her and headed back to the table. Kel asked what was going on and why we too so damn long. I did not say a word because I was shocked for what occured and scared Kel would be pissed that the girl she came to fuck and be with was hot for me.. Her best friend.....Anyway, Rick had a smile on his face as I looked him, as if he knew something had happened. Faye leaned into him and was talking and he had this look on his face...I was like aw goodness he knew..He licked Faye's fingers that she had used to pleasure me and he just smiled and winked...I got wet looking at Rick. He was a hot man to say the least..I wanted him as much as I wanted his wife now...

The night drew on with a lot of fun to say the least. We were all happy for sure and the strippers were loving me and Faye. My friend Kel found some marine to entertain her because it was pay day weekend and he was throwing money to her to give him a private show. She was a good person but lover of sex..LOL...Anyway, the nite ticked on and it was 2am. In NC we all know bars shut down at 2am. But we all left and got a taxi. None of us were able to drive...Faye and Rick invited me, Kel and her lil marine back to their place. We accepted the invite and went to their place. Kel and her marine went off to a spare bedroom . This left Faye, Rick, and me in the living room. Faye walked over to me and grabbed my hand and lead me to her and her husbands bedroom. They had this awesome Cali King bed. Rick went over to a chair and sat down. Faye brought me to the bed and demanded that I strip. I did as I was told and she began to strip her clothes too. She asked that I lay down on the bed and I did. She went over to this box and brought out a double ended dildo and a vibrator. I was in another world seeing as I had none of these items in my house. She laided them down and then got on the bed with me...Her husband was still in the chair watching but by now had his cock out of his pants and stroking. Faye began to kiss me and I kissed her back. She licked my lips and then began to lick down my neck to my tits where she teased each nipple. She flicked them back and forth and sucked as her hands squeezed my tits. I was moaning in complete pleasure at this point. I felt Faye leave my tits and push my legs apart. She parted the lips of my pussy and began to lick away. I was grabbing her hair and feeling her take me. She licked and moaned herself lapping up all my juices. She grabbed her vibrator and turned it on...She placed it on my clit and I moaned so loud. I can remember her giggling knowing that I was in pure pleasure. She finally moved it down to my hole and inserted it. I began to wiggle beneth her and cry out in pure damn pleasure. She was licking my clit and I began to have a very intense orgasm. It was a wonderful thing. I was in pure damn pleasure. Her husband was stroking his cock and having fun watching. Finally he got up and told me to get on all fours. I did as I was instructed. Faye got behind me on all her fours as well. Her ass was almost touching mine. Her husband picked up the double ended dildo and inserted one head into my pussy and i wriggled underneath it, and then he inserted another end into her. She backed into me and I felt the pressure. We began to fuck each other hard. Aw her husband was stroking that cock so hard and ready to explode. Faye and I were about to cum again when her husband explode on my back and then turned to her to unload the rest of his cum. Faye pulled out her end of the double and came around to my back to lick the cum off me. She then grabbed the end that was in her and began fucking me doggie style with that dildo. Aw it felt awesome. I began to cum and I screamed out in pleasure. She pulled out the dildo and I tried to flip around and she screamed at me to stay on all fours. As she did so I felt lube in my ass. Her husband was lubing my asshole up. He finished and then he got his cock back up and inserted into my ass hole. He was so slow and gentle yet he was fucking my hole. I was about to passout from pleasure. Then faye got under me and began to eat me out again as her husband ass fucked me good. He slapped my cheeks so hard and was asking me if I loved that cock and his wifes tounge. I was like yes yes my Gawd yes. Finally he told Faye to get in front of me and spread those pussy lips apart. Faye did as she was asked. Her husband took my long hair into his hand and thrusted me down his wifes pussy. He said eat her out baby so I can fuck this ass good. I had never in my life eaten pussy. But I did as asked. Faye helped me out by spreading her lips apart. I got down in there and smelled her. She smelt really good. I began to lick her and she moaned. I knew I was doing it right. Next thing you know she is pushing into my face and her husband is telling me eat her good. Faye has her hands in my long brown hair now. Finally her husband pulls out my ass and cleans off his cock and then decides to insert it into my pussy. His 8 inch cock felt so awesome. When he began to slam fuck me I then was able to get more into Faye and pleasuring her sweet pussy. I was tounge fucking her hole and finally I grabbed that same vibrator she had on me earlier and I began to fuck her silly. As her husband fucked my tight lil pussy hole I was fucking his wife to the point of a orgasm. As I neared another orgasm her husband said he was about to explode. Faye by this time was screaming and moving so much under me I thought she would fall off the bed. She was screaming I was a good pussy eater for a first timer. I fucked her harder and harder and suddenly she exploded....Her juices coming down my face. Then I felt myself explode and her husband let lose in me...He ordered Faye to get up and come lick his love juice outta me as he licked my face and tasted his wife on my lips. He came around as she went behind me and began eating me out as I was on all fours...He began tasting my lips full of his wifes juices. Finally after we had finished tasting the juices, we collapsed on the bed together.

The next morning I woke up between Faye and Rick and he had his arm around me and she had her arm around me too.

I mean this really happened. It was my first true bi experience ever and having some domination. I really loved being open with someone like these people. They were my friends first and after that I became their lover. For over a year till he went off to Camp Pendleton I would fuck him and his wife and I loved every second and moment....

Hard to believe Chica did all this huh?

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5/2/2006 4:01 am

The only way to enjoy what life has to offer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

bsballismylife 47M

5/12/2006 9:06 am

Sounds hot!

fishinfool412 47M
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5/28/2006 8:25 am

That was a pretty hot story. I am gonna have to see if you have anymore good ones. If you do there is a great place to post erotic stories:

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6/2/2006 4:27 pm

thanks Fish but all my little stories are real ones and i Just write for fun...

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