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11/5/2005 4:32 pm

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Holy Smokes what was I smoking when I wrote that? LOL....

Whoa...I so totally revealed to much information there...Well I am in graduate school now and I am really looking for someone to talk too and have fun with..I am still some of what I wrote but really tired of dragging myself about when it comes to various aspects of my life.

I do not like pushy trash talking me that turns me off so much....I just wish I coudl find a guy out for some fun and so on....


rm_mac1215 46M

11/7/2005 10:06 am

Lilitalianchica, what a are you looking for? Just a fuck friend or a long term relationship? Where are you going to Graduate school at. If you need someone to chat with look for my message on the EC group. I will set one up just so we can talk.


ringmaster100 50M

11/8/2005 7:41 am

Am close to you, and would love to get together. Give me a shout. My Yahoo messenger name is ringmaster1. Hope you will do me the honor of a reply.

Take care,

The Ringmaster.

rm_N73269 49M

11/16/2005 5:48 am

I truely get a kick out of that "fuckbuddy" crap.. That's almost as funny as 'making love'.. hahahahaha

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