Laughing at Some Blogs  

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3/12/2006 4:51 pm
Laughing at Some Blogs


OMG I just read some Blogs on here...

I am laughing so hard...Good job..Yes yes..~claps hands~

Aw wow...I mean I have read some stuff but Even Playgirl couldn't touch the crap I am reading...

Yeah "Confessions of a Slut". Uh huh...Yeah..~scratches head~ I am a self proclaimed slut and I shall admit it..Do me a favor girlie go get paid like I dunno in Hustler or something..Why do you people waste good slut stories or your body for free..

Now I know some of you people are thinking what I am thinking..Is this truely real?? I can personally tell you that the number of men who have written me and become friends find it hard to believe shit on here...Half these girls are trying so hard to work for porn sites that they do these stupid profiles and poor ding dongs actually write thinking they may be this girls love and sex interest..WRONG...~Hears the buzzard~ Be weary I tell ya....The real ones don't show what God gave em men....The ones that are DD free aren't going to be spread eagle in the air like a door..Where everyone gets a turn..

I swear to you....

Hehehehhe I am just laughing so hard...I feel bad for people that really truely feel that some sites are real I do...I dunno why I waste 19.95 a month..I swear I am wanting punishment....LOL..Or a laugh..Remember for some of you I have a degree in Psychology....LOL....

GOTTA love a smart Chica..

Hopefully none of you get fooled and if you think you are look me up I have been here since 2001 being nosey and learned whose real and not..LOL

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