Here We Go Again  

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4/11/2006 4:59 pm
Here We Go Again

Man I tell you I would write about something sexual if one person would not tick me off everytime I am here.....What in the heck is with some people...No no no , someeeeeeeeeee MEN......I am not being rude here but heck what can I say I am always rude...~giggles~

No I mean how many times do I have to change my profile...How many times must I state if some people who were not standard and no offense standards, but if you could ready my heading it says Pregant in there right?? Yeah I thought so...

But anyway, I am just getting tired of standards knowing good and well that and then being rude to me when I state, did you read my profile...NO I am a standard...I can't read a profile...Then why even have a profile....I am not being rude truely I am not but it would make things easier for me if you just had a idea before even writing me and then getting attitude because I am pregnant and looking for friends...I am going to state what some women on here will state, but some of us truely find that being friends with a man before sexual contact is awesome. Some of us do not mind a one niter or some "fun". But to me, I want some respect....I am tired of meeting men who think I am some big old piece of Italian/Hispanic ass or better yet someone who thinks I can fix their weird fantasy of a pregnant women...I mean I tell you men that I am pregnant because I will not be accused of trying to find a father...Some idiot tonight tried to argue me with his very young and ignorant attitude that I was taking advantage of my situtation. Hello if I was ya think I would be pregnant by a man who is not around..I would of been smarter to find a man with a military id so I could at least get some free medical...

I am way to smart for some ignorant human...I am just as sexual as the next girl on here whether or not she is pregnant....Some of the women on here who have been pregnant will tell you, that we have needs...Even if we are single..We are still as sexy as the next...Hey we are carrying a life....I love rubbing my stomach everyday...I adore the fact I am wet so much...Hey its nice.....I am telling you I look good...I mean yeah ok I am bloated...So what...When the baby is born I can lose the weight THANK YOU......I like what is happening to me...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH......

Well thats enough from me thank you....


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4/11/2006 5:31 pm

I don't mean to sound "rude", but you being pregnant will probably put a severe cramp in the amount and type of men who contact you.

Just too much there to deal with for most guys.

That's the reality of the situation.

As for guys not reading your profile before contacting you, all people do that. I've had women do that to me. It's not a guy thing, it's a people thing.

Mentiendes, Mendes?


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