Chica is on Her High Horse and Riding High  

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11/21/2005 4:09 pm

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Chica is on Her High Horse and Riding High

Hey Ya Peeps....

So how is everyone today? Nice and wet in The North East...Whoopie for those of us that just loves screwed up weather. Oh well sometimes I wonder did I move to Seattle...snickers

So I am sure those of you who know Chica by now I have this thing called my Rants and Raves. So whats on this Chica's mind today you wonder? Sure ok what is on my mind. Well poor Chica dunno what to think. Yeah I know....Its AdultFriendFinder Chica come on people want sex....I know I know...slaps myself But in the process how many of you want some affection to go along with it? I guess I am a selfish Chica. I guess attention is what I am all about and I have a extremely hard time sharing....Hispanic and Italian girls have a hard time yanno. How many of you men have had one of us in your bed? You know.....3somes are tough because da Chica always gotta have it all for herself. Even if another Chicadeeka is involved. Chica needs the kitty licked and the booty smacked....sigh

Chica has been a good Chica lately...Not sure if I am bored or what..Or maybe this one guy I went out with for a awesome lunch just WOWed my sense of manners and what a man is about. Of course its been 5 days since I heard from him but Chica is used to this type of behavior. I am wondering how I should act lately?

Some of you Chicadeekas get that? You meet this totally awesome dude and even if you do not have sex he still won't call. If you have sex with him he won't call and if he does its for a booty call because he thinks you are that easy. I am starting to wonder here what is the right path....I am starting to head down this really weird road where it curves and you wonder what is around the bend. You pray its not a Steven King Novel ahead. Yanno like IT. That totally would not be cool ya know.

A lot of people see me rant and rave and know I am smart person. I am also a total realist too in my thought process. I do get emtional and there was a time I lost a lot of guys because I would not grow up.

Chica has grown up...I am in graduate school, I work a full time job, I have lost a ton of weight and I don't even notice it, but what I lack is a sense of who I am. I am shy all the time and I feel unworthy of someone. OMG CHICA said that?

How many of you feel that way? You get on AdultFriendFinder talk the talk but behind it all you secretly are trying to figure out what it is you want. I make my profile the way it is because thats the mystery people. I don't know...I really do not know what it is I want....Now to see if someone is smart enought o read this blog and figure it out. I make my profile like it is because thats just it. A mystery to solve. It could be the next guy flipping through that sees my profile and goes wow yanno if I get to know her she could really wow me.

But truely a lot of men don't go that far and neither do the women. I see a ton of truely nice men that deserve that chance to wow a Chicadeeka....But I feel bad that most men won't...

There are so many destroyed people on here its pathetic. Men who are scorned so bad its sad to know that they don't want someone to care for em but that they rather screw around and just make someone feel worse...Or women who hate men and truely rather have a sugar daddy because she can't find happiness....

sigh to each their own right PEEPS?


Chica's therapy session is over that is one free membership to this site for me...I will bill ya in the morning..


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