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4/9/2006 7:11 am

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Always Amazed

Now I know when you are on AdultFriendFinder common sense must tell some that to even contact others you got to pay to play. Even a hooker on the street will tell you that the 5 dollars you want for some SUCKIE SUCKIE won't happen. Better look for a 10...My point being why get on here and pray some chic or some dude will have STANDARD MEMBERS CONTACT ME on their profile. I am not even about to purchase a way for someone else to chat or talk to me if I am paying already to even commuicate on here or look at profiles for a good laugh on a extremely boring night. I mean two people I know on here are like why can't people just shuffle out the 20 bucks a month instead of praying you will contact them. My answer is HELL IF I KNOW. I pay the Silver because personally I am so bored that I gotta have some weekend entertainment. I like finding people to talk too...But thats my point. I mean all these sexy ass people acting like they can pay for a gym membership to slap up their pictures and then to dang cheap to pay what they would at McDonalds to just find people for their sexual entertainment....

Another thing...If one more person ask me what I am here for I am going to say to watch you do a cow with horns, with a bi sexual lover, with a pile of monkeys clapping their hands in delight. Read my profile ....Jesus lord almighty...What the hell is the problem with some people...You also think because I am pregnant I am some walking band of horomones. I was horny as shit before I got pregnant. Good Lord.....Can I smack some of you around? Like BDSM???? I got a whip to throw on your ass because you can't act like God gave you common sense....I mean I think about what I say to people before asking dumb questions....Wow do you people not know what ASSUME makes???

Yes I am sexual for those nosey ass people....But let me repeat myself and what I know is true for a lot of people floating on here..Some of us are not about to throw it out on the line. I do not cyber waste of energy and my time spent finding some real BOOTY....I mean come the hell on...WTF......Please lets get this right.....I have a network that carry's pictures all you gotta do is ask and if I deam you as being worthy then sure I do....I mean a lot of us do we have a lot to protect esp., married couples with children. I even respect them....Aw I respect a lot on here...~giggles and snorts~ Yeah some of you with those awww sweet ALABAMA sized well I will hush for now...

Yes I am sassy, a brat, bitchy, horny, and in your face..If I was not how many would want to talk to me...All of us want a bad girl and well I am here and I voice my thoughts....Its what a blog is for and I am sure a ton of AdultFriendFinder members agree....

We all come here for something...If you standards would choke up a few bucks and check it out you will see...Not so hard....I am just sick and tired of wasting time...I don't like to waste my time..I pay to be here....Just like some of you other sexy mofo's...I don't even think a standard has a leg to stand on to fuss back with a paying memeber...LOL...But if you do give me 10 reasons WHY you can't give up Wal Mart or that beer to get a membership to meet some sexy fun and creative people like I have....~kisses to the sexy ass couples~

Anyway I am off my soap box have a nice day.....

Hugs to the Sexy Folks...


rm_mac1215 46M

4/10/2006 11:39 am

Chica.... good to see your back. I'm sorry I have not emaild you in a long time but my computer chashed ans I had to get a new one. when I reinstalled my mail box your address was gone. Congrats on being preg. I hope you have what you want. I'll talk to you later.


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