A Test of Faith  

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7/17/2006 7:31 pm
A Test of Faith

An elderly couple, a middle age couple, and a very young couple all wanted to become members of a church. They went to the church and met with the preacher. He told them that, to join the church, the only thing they would have to do is to abstain from having sex for 3 months. They would meet every month to track their progress.

At the end of the first month all 3 couples meet. When asked how they were doing, the elderly couple said "We haven't had sex in 3 years, 3 months isn't nothing."

The middle age couple said, "This month was easy for us since we only have sex once a month anyways."

The younger couple told the preacher that it was very difficult, but they had not had sex in the last month."

The preacher congratulated them and told them to meet back the following month.

At the end of the second month, the 3 couples meet once again. Once again, the preacher asked how they were doing. The elderly couple said, " We told you we haven't had sex in 3 years. This isn't even hard for us."

The middle age couple said "It's been getting more difficult, but we are able to keep our minds off sex by doing other things together."

The young couple, when asked how they were doing, responded, "This is so hard for us, but we are really trying."

The preacher again congratulated the couples and reassured them. He told them to hold out and meet back at the end of the third and final month.

When the third month came to an end, all 3 couples once again met with the preacher. He asked how they had fared. The elderly couple said "We went 3 months with no sex and it wasn't even difficult."

"Congratulations! You are now members of our church!" the preacher responded.

The middle age couple responded that, although they had had a very difficult time, they too went the 3 months with no sex. The preacher then also congratulated them and welcomed them into the church.

When the preacher asked the young couple if they where able to complete their 3 months of abstinence, the young man answered, "Well, sir, I just couldn't help it. She bent over the freezer to get some hamburger and I just lost it! We ended up having mind blowing sex right there."

The preacher responded "Well, I am sorry to say that I can not welcome you into the church."

The young man looked at the preacher and said "That's ok, they won't let us back in the grocery store either.

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