Office Sex? What is your feeling about it?  

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6/7/2006 11:05 am

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Office Sex? What is your feeling about it?

What is your feeling about office Sex. I have had a few experiences. I have a couch in my office so it is easy. But the most erotic experience happened 2 months ago. A married lady friend of mine had called and told me she needed some attention.
She came to my office after 5:30pm but my newest employee was still there. She waited till about 6pm and wwhen this employee would not leave we had to improvise. So I suggested we go to the mens room. The office is situated in a srip mall. There are shops at the lower level and offices on the 2nd floor. We share rest room facilities.
So we went into the bathroom and I took my pants off and hung them in the stall. She stripped from the waist down. She leaned over the sink facing the mirrow, the sink was right next to the door that led n and out of the bathroom. So I penetrated her from the rear and we had had crazy sex. After she came I stuck my cock in her ass and fucked her some more till we both came. She had such a rush that her kness started to shake and she had to seat down.
I look forward to another such encounter,
How about you would you like to share your experience?

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6/7/2006 12:37 pm

Sounds exciting! Years ago, my boyfriend and I were horny and in a hurry and were looking for a place for a quickie other than the car. We were near his place of business, so we went into the closed shop and had sex on his bosses desk. Unfortunately, it had just been polished, but we didn't know that because we didn't turn on any lights. The next day, his boss called me and said he came in that morning and found handprints all over his desk and a broken fingernail! Lucky for us, he's a horndog too and found the situation funny!

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4/4/2007 5:53 am

Their loves, also I had a hot experience in the office. With pleasure I tell to you about it. Please, mine excuses bad in English, unfortunately, I do not have so much practise in the English Gramatik, because I live in Germany. Now, however, my experience with Silvia.
Actually, I had from women for the moment the nose fully, after my friend had separated from me. But often it comes just, nevertheless, differently than one thinks! I had sunk just into thoughts when suddenly the phone rang. It was Silvia, a common friend of me and my friend. " Have you maybe to go past desire with me in the office, on a glass of wine? Nevertheless, a little distraction cannot damage, or? "

Two hours later Silvia with a clinging short dress opened the door to her office. She was by profession a personal secretary in a middle-class enterprise. I knew them already since longer time. Because I was spoken for till recently, it has never come between us to more. However, in this evening this should change. After we had drunk some glasses of wine, we slided more and more narrowly on her sofa together. She was years older some than me and had a buxom figure with nice thick breasts. Bit by bit it became quite narrow in my trousers. Silvia had probably noted for a long time that my thick pipe stood out by my narrow Jeans. " So, now, nevertheless, it is quite too late to go still home. If you want, you can spend the night at me ", she suggested. First I hesitated a little, then, however, accepts. This seemed to have been for the cool Sylvia the start signal. Now she caught to me more and more to provoke.

Suddenly I noted how her hand pottered about in my meanwhile bulging piston. She started to massage my thick after the length. Besides, she pressed to me her big breasts directly in the face. Now we both became more and more disinhibited. I started to open her blouse, after a little while her bra. Then her thick tits were exposed. Now Silvia became wilder and wilder. She had to open no inhibitions the rice fastener of my trousers. To me became almost dizzy when she took my bulging hammer in her mouth and with her ingenious wind movements began ...

" In such a way, I believe now we go sometimes in the direction of desk. Now I properly want to feel you! ", she breathed enticing. With highly raised, heavy device I started to penetrate shortly after into her carefully shaven already quite humid fissure. " Yes, this is cool! Push properly in me purely! ", she squealed. Pitilessly and hard like steel I hammered with my hard stick in them purely. She spread the legs as far as possible to get so much place the faster and faster bumping piston as possible. " Oh yes, I amount! Only do not stop now! " if she groaned. I hammered my pipe with unabated strength in her wet dear cave. With every push we both felt that the explosion briefly approached. Then a nothing but shout indicated that it had satisfied herself properly. I rammed my hammer still for a while into her wet hole, then could not be reserved also I any more longer. I attached my thick limb before her juicy breasts. She gave a loud groan according to when I distributed the whole blessing on her heavy pugs. Indeed, the last load was not used up in this evening still long. Briefly after we had recovered a little, it already went in the next round.

Yes, this was already a really cool evening. We still met for a while to occasional sex meetings in her office. Then, unfortunately, then was finished with it. I still think back with pleasure to the limitless lecherousness of Silvia. Time see, maybe I call them, nevertheless, sometimes again....

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