Time v. Money  

Kristofer32 47M
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5/1/2006 5:43 am
Time v. Money

It seems like I am living weekend to weekend. Life was easier when it was worrying about living paycheck to paycheck. Now I seem to have committed myself to a situation that never has time for me. Maybe I should just be committed. Stop and smell the roses; isn’t that how the saying goes? I think I can pencil that olfactory sensation somewhere in between meetings and conference calls. Yeah, I think maybe sometime Sunday it’ll work. When did making that filthy green cotton stuff become THE priority in life? In a serious bout of self imposed reflection, I am now wondering if this newly found disdain for attorney’s was brought on by my career goals. It is at least obvious that a self-admitted workaholic should never become seriously involved with a person who is satisfied with the average nine to five grind. But what the hell, the benefits are great…I think…well at least my bank account isn’t in constant flux bordering on overdraft…well there is more to it than that…is there…

I am starting to think I am the most confused person I know. Oh well, I have fun when I go. Work Hard. Play Harder. I have burned the candle at both ends for so long I am certain it will someday catch up, but I will fight it until my last dying breath. I take one day a week and I do something for me, usually. Yesterday it was a pretty pathetic trip around the links followed up with a hundred mile trip in the mountains on my motorcycle. Next week, weather permitting, RIP Scott Crossman, I hope to maybe fly down to Flagstaff or even Scottsdale and check out the green part of the world. Between now then, though, I am going to have to prostitute myself to the wonders of corporate America so I can have the assets to do the other stuff. It has been too long since I went diving, and the kind of time off I need for that is at least a couple months away, and I haven’t been to a different golf course than home since the first week in March. I guess it is time to evaluate between work and play. Maybe some nice, wealthy old lady from this site with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel would take an interest in me. Worked for Anna Nichole Smith, why not me? Nah…I have worked for everything I have and the idea of someone just giving me anything is enough to make me wretch. For now I will head back to the office and hope I get to see the outside again before dark. Have fun and if you get away somewhere relaxing drink a cold something for me.

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