If all things were equitable...  

Kristofer32 47M
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4/13/2006 10:01 am
If all things were equitable...

there would be no pain and suffering. Can't happen we are human. What ever it is in our genetic make-up that does not allow for it is there and no solution exists to get past it. Embrace your inner warmonger some folks say. Nah, there is more to it than that. Those people just want something they can't have and they use force to obtain it. Or they simply defend the weaker against the bully trying to take it...it doesn't matter our beings are designed around conflict.

If all things were equitable friends could be friends without the dance. I guess that means there are always complications and there are always costs. No matter how things are one of two always puts more in or simply wants more than the other half is willing to give or wants for her/himself. What the heck it's what makes the world go 'round and conveniently adds fuel the the aforementioned conflict. Tell me, how does the whole FWB thing work? Hell, I'm male and my hormones at thirty-five are more in line with the average eighteen-year-old, needless to say the idea appeals to me, but I don't get how the concept ever actually works.

If all things were equitable, people would take everything at face value and there would be no need for the endless BS that accompanies the dance I talked about before. Say what you mean and mean what you say, regardless of the consequense. I guess it doesn't always pan out...I get to chew on my nine and a half double E often...and sometimes you burn bridges. At least in my case, I may upset someone, but my conscience is clear and I don't have to remember the story I told one person to maintain the integrity of what it was, a story.

And finally, if all things were equitable men would ride side saddle!

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