Easter bunnies in Sin City  

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4/17/2006 2:08 pm

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Easter bunnies in Sin City

Toward the end of last week, I thought to myself, "Kris, you need to get out and do SOMEthing." I have been working way too much and I don't have time to really go on a good dive vacation so I flipped a quarter and said heads to the west and tails to the east. Heads it was and then it was to decide what to do. Now, golf was of course the best option, but that is something that takes planning and is no fun to just fly solo on that one so I tried to figure the next best oprtion. Vegas won and I jumped in the airplane...destination McCarron. I am not a Vegas person, and after a long weekend I see why. The only thing I won was the ATM, but the company I met along the way was good, the hotel was awesome and the drinks were plentiful. After nearly thirty-six hours of EtOH induced fog, I figured I better start with the water and coffee so I could actually be competant enough to find my way back the airport. Twelve sobering hours later, I found myself out some cash and checking out of a whirlwind hotel stay at the Venetian. Man can those folks do it right. On the way out of the towers, I met some of the people I was drinking with the night before and it looked like there was no end to the fun for those people. As I walked out, there must have been some function gearing up as the place was packed...even better was at the executive terminal while I was filing my flight plan out, a bevy of what could only have been described as eye candy made their way into the terminal looking for the first car to the party. As I took off and made my way back to the east, I had some time to think. The awe inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon from nineteen thousand feet made me realize the significance of the holiday, and it made me realize how far I have actually fallen to spend what is my mother's favorite holiday in Vegas. What the hell, it was a great time and it kept me out of the office for almost sixty consecutive hours and gave me a new outlook for the week ahead.

Is it really true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas????

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