Morning Sex.  

Korbinian42 46M
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8/21/2006 7:49 pm

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8/22/2006 8:23 pm

Morning Sex.

In a rare suprise for me, as I was saying goodby to my wife as I was on my way to work, a casual nipple caress turning into a morning quicky. I was late for work, but a worthwhile change of pace to be sure.

I'm not sure if its because I am trying to blog about my frustations that I am lacking in them, or if just my luck.

Hell I'll turn this into the happies most satisified man blog if that thats what it takes to keep getting laid.

So what do you guys think of Morning sex...? Good or bad?

My I can't be picky so I'll take it whenever it cums

ps, I have pics, but I need to do a bit of editing before they get loaded here. a decent shot of my head an chest and of course the obligatory penis shot, tho I have to say mine looks more tasteful than most I see here. Its hard to edit the pics tho, being that they are of such a pornagraphic nature.

rm_La_Mala314 38F

8/21/2006 8:31 pm

From the female stand point, morning sex is one of the best things in the world. I'll give my man a quicky every morning of the week, and if i could for lunch too!!!!!!!!!!!

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