What a difference a week makes!  

Kokomo1963 47M/55F
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5/26/2006 10:39 am
What a difference a week makes!

I cannot believe all the changes in the past week. It's very exciting and fun stuff. It's interesting for me to look at the past 2 weeks and look at how things were going along and realize how coincidental things can be (for lack of a better word). I was looking for a relationship, but wasn't finding most of what I felt I needed/wanted to make me jump into the long-term thing again, and then all of the sudden it just dropped down in front of me. Sounds like fate to me, but maybe it's just that he was better at getting and keeping my attention? Who knows.
And I don't for a minute believe that it has anything to do with the distance, because that's just killing me right now. Especially as we try to define the whole "open relationship" or "playing together" definitions. It's all so new to me--as well as the B/D format--very overwhelming right now. Screw the 'absences-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder' crap! LOL Although it does keep things on red-hot simmer!
It was weird the first day or two talking to each other with the change in the relationship, but we're over that now.
I do know that all this new stuff is overwhelming, yet exciting, and I definitely wish there was more time in the day/week to explore some of it more. At first, I didn't think I could get into it completely--or at least only as a part-time thing, but now I realize I could (and will) and am anxious to just get to it! ?*

Guess I'm going to become a virtuous woman again...because it's going to take a hell of a lot of patience over the next couple of months, anticipating the demands that will be made on me and wishing for more.

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