It's the weekend!  

Kokomo1963 47M/55F
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4/22/2006 10:43 am
It's the weekend!

Thank goodness! What a week! Too many highs and lows. Feeling much better now.
Had 2 dates last night, one had to cancel at the last minute (which was ok because I was in the w-o-r-s-t mod), and met the 2nd one and it turned out better than expected. Going to spend some more time together tonight.

Had a long conversation with someone that I met early last year, on a different site but with the same intent, and managed to get some things worked out, which was really good but definitely contributed to the emotions of the day. She's married and it was one of those couple things and although I can't go there anymore, we've still managed to be friends. But we had a 3-some with another gal last Summer and there was some really disrespectful and unnecessary crap that went on and it's never really been acknowledged, let alone had any sort of discussion. But we accomplished that yesterday, which was good for me (hopefully for her, too)

Woke up this morning so damn horny! Hate it when that happens and there's no one there to help me! (Ya, I know--but I get tired of doing myself! LOL. ) Tried working out last night to get rid of my frustrations and stress but then a friend told me that just makes it worse, so I ended up being my own worst enemy! >>!
I know I could 'get some' from my pal tonight, but I'm just not there. Still that casual thing I'm working around. But I am figuring that state of mind out really fast...

I want what most women want and people who are monogamous as a rule: a relationship. There, I said! But I can fit in the benefits thing, but I think that needs to be farther down the road after I've screwed my head back on straight. Although I still have to reconcile that with my kinky side and finding someone who can give both the emotional and the sexual side of it. I'm not going to stress anymore about it right now and just work on getting over the one who broke my heart and then finding a fit for me.

Happy Saturday! I'll post something a little more in-line with the site next week.

markisinspok469 60M/70F
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4/26/2006 7:45 pm

would lov to help u out with ur frustrations in sex if u need help with that again.

im a 48 yr old male from spokane wa.

name is mark!

im 6ft 6in tall!

you take it easy hunny1


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