How can it be this easy...and yet so difficult?! LOL  

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6/16/2006 3:41 pm

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How can it be this easy...and yet so difficult?! LOL

Ok-so someone, somewhere wants to hear about not only sexual bliss, but romantic bliss, right?! LOL. Once again, TOO BAD! You get to read about it anyway!

I've never been someone--or should I say I managed to get away from being someone--who got so wrapped up in their partner that they couldn't pull away at any time and move on, if/when necessary...until now. And it's definitely been a struggle. Undoing all those things that you thought you believed in--I mean it truly is a choice to make some changes, but it doesn't always make it easier (kind of like smoking: you really, REALLY want to quit, but the application of that thought doesn't always play out). But I feel like I'm finally starting to see a path to mesh the old with the new.
Although I have to admit that I just got plain, damn lucky. Whatever the initial interest was, it quickly became about making a choice and having that choice be right on the money.

I admit I was completely thrown for a loop at first--a girl with a commitment-phobia? Who'd have thunk it?! LOL. But that was definitely me. Still is in some respects. A lot of pain and suffering in relationship makes you like that (the emotional kind anyway). And then you meet someone who gives 110% and expects all that--and more--back, and you panic...BIG TIME. It's even worse when they sense your panic. See he's very black and white about things, and I've had to learn the hard way that life is just not that rigid. But I think it's also about comfort level, because I'm starting to believe in the absolute conviction of his feelings (despite not knowing all of me yet), and I think he's starting to understand that the gray area isn't necessarily a bad thing or cause for a "Dear John" letter! LOL. At least that's what I we've managed to 'negotiate' in this new relationship so far.

Ok, so now you've sat through that, you deserve the good stuff, too: S-E-X. I was somewhat of an anal girl before I met him, but now I'm completely crazy for it! And part of that is how worked up it gets him, too. And the man excels at the dirty talk, like no other! Some guys think they know how to dirty talk (haven't met a girl yet that knows how...sad, but true), but he really knows what to say and how to get me going. And all the other good stuff--rough, dirty, physical, kinky sex. Lucky me, lucky me!!

It just keeps getting better and better (which those of us with a heart, knows happens only in the context of a long-term relationship--not bunny hopping from one warm pussy/cock to another). He just takes everything I give and manages to get more from me. And he's always looking to find new ways to torment me and drive me insane with lust and then light me up and shoot me into the sky! And although the physical is so awesome, it's now becoming as much about how hard he "works" to please me and get me off. (NO, it's not that difficult--too easy almost; I feel like I'm in my 20's again!)
From deep penetration to all parts of my body, to orgasms in every position possible, to new horizons in the B/D area, and then giving me the opportunity to do things I've only ever thought about in my naughtiest, darkest moments, it's just like a rollercoaster (the fun ones--not the ones that plummet you to your death! LOL. )

A keeper...that's what the oldsters call it...he's a KEEPER. And to think: we met here! Too funny.


6/16/2006 4:24 pm

I'm happy for you darlin'. Wish you the very best.

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