Happy Mother's Day!  

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5/14/2006 2:55 pm
Happy Mother's Day!

To All the Mothers...we work so hard, don't we? You never know how hard it's going to be until you're right in the thick of it.

So yesterday went a little differently than I thought it would...but I don't know why I even try to predict anything with my new-found distraction. Just when I thought that I couldn't get up enough energy to fulfill my "celebration of life", he goes and proves me wrong! LOL. But only in the best possible way. It was lust, but it was the giggling and laughing, too. My face hurts today and my sides hurt! (I'm laughing now sitting here thinking about it) And I hope Julia Child isn't on in syndication somewhere because I'll never be able to watch or hear her name again without laughing my head off! (Like a baseball analogy)

So my new pondering for this week is...for those of us who do this somewhat/fairly regularly, are we honest on our blogs or are we not? Some I've seen, it's very apparent that they are honest. Ok, honest isn't the right word...completely upfront, maybe. Because I know I'm not. I know there are some who read it and some things are just for me. Seems silly, I'm sure.
It's that crawling in your head thing. With the exception of a few (you know who you are)--why does someone want to crawl in my head to just fuck me? Hmmm...but maybe that's a better idea: they can crawl into my head and I can crawl out! LOL. That would be great for me. Too much stuff going on in my head, 24/7. Even when I sleep it just keeps going.
I'm looking forward to shutting it off and just being led along.

Big weekend coming up and I'm so excited that I just don't even want to keep it to myself--ah, well mostly. Making a lifestyle change of sorts. And actually I think I've wanted to for a really long time--at least 8 or so years that I can remember--but as it was pointed out to me last night, I just hadn't found the right person yet. But I have now. And it's turning out better than I would have imagined. It's that connection thing; ususally I have to be in someone's personal bubble to get there, but there was something there that just clicked and it's been like a luge run ever since. I've been somewhat resistant to it on a higher level for the time being, but only I know that he'll get what he wants once we meet in person. But it's been hard to not let myself react to all the things I "see". But that's the over-thinking me, and I wanted a break from that and I'm surely getting it. I said it was peeling away the layers and getting down to the person I used to be--and want to be again. That kind of life-changing thing. Sounds silly, but it's all about personal experiences and what those experiencse do to us and how they change us. And the masks we end up having to wear sometimes to get through things. But I know that I'm re-learning things I already knew but had forgotten and feeling happier than I have in a while--not that temporary euphoria that just comes from white hot lust, but the kind that moves you forward and makes you look at life (especially your own) in a much different light.

So...my hope is that I'll find that which I seek and when it's all said and done I have a new best friend (besides myself, of course! LOL )

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