Happy Father's Day to me!...oh wait...I'm a Mom!  

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6/19/2006 9:39 am
Happy Father's Day to me!...oh wait...I'm a Mom!

Well anyway, it was a great celebration for me! The house was empty for the day and it was just too long until I could see my man, and he was feeling the separation too, and low-n-behold he makes a day trip to see me! And what a trip!

Always starts out gentle and slow, with lots of kissing and holding and touching, and then starts getting more demanding and horny with lots of licking and sucking and poking (him to me, not the other way around!) And before I knew it, he was buried deep inside me and I was coming like a water fountain (yes, that means exactly what you think it means--not an everyday occurrence, but not only am I blessed with multiples, but somedays I get a little squirting in, too!) But that was only the beginning...

We had a bet--which I lost--so he had to collect on the bet, which I tried valliantly to pay up, but let's just say that the man has stamina like a prize fighter, and a cock that is worth writing home to your best friends about! Needless to say, I still need to fulfill the terms of the bet...but I'll gladly keep trying to pay up! (One of those bets you're more than happy to lose LOL. )

And then he decided that today would be my official initiation into the role of my "Master's Slave" and what he could do with/to me with the bondage equipment. Oh my! The thing to remember is that lust is such a powerful force (for those of you who think you're in love everytime you have an orgasm, this should ring true!), and I'm no different than anyone else when you get me all worked up-- I can't think straight, my eyes glaze over and only 1/10 of anything that you say to me gets through my pussy-filter. So he tied me up in a very unique (in my opinion, but I'm the novice) position and proceeded to torment me both sexually and physically. I do love to have my ass spanked and he loves to spank it--he does have the right toys for that as well. And between the spanking and pinching my nipples and playing with my pussy, it was almost too much. So of course there is the question-n-answer phase during all this, which--OF COURSE--I fail at and have to be disciplined repeatedly for. My only question (which will get me more discipline, but I'm nothing else if not tenacious), is this: if you like what is being done to you, is it discipline??? Another one of my "mysteries of life".

So now I'm a "virgin" no more and look forward to more of those little sessions because they are very exciting.

Our day ended in the shower after a giggle fest that has managed to spawn an idea for a independent short film that would only make sense to us right now, but is absolutely hilarious--trust me! LOL.

"Little bunny foo-foo, hopping through the forest..."

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