Sunrise..story of a submissive  

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Sunrise..story of a submissive

Master had promised they would see sunrise. Cat went to bed early that night but she was so excited, she could hardly sleep. This was going to be a great morning..she backed a picnic breakfast, of brie and croissonts, took out a thermos for coffee..

Master woke her up at 3:00am..they were going to his brother's upstate house, it was in the woods, on the top of a mountain. This was going to be so romantic. Cat packed a big blanket, she was hoping to make love to her Master out in the woods, in the brisk morning air..and watch the sunrise.

Little did Cat know, Master had other plans.....

The drive was going to be very long, "Girl get some will need it" Cat looked over at him.."No Sir, please i want to watch the road. I want to see the trees, the different colors..please" she replied pleading with him.."No do as your told!! Close your eyes and get some sleep..NOW!!".. Cat scrunched her face."mmm" .."Are you disobeying me??"..shaking her head.." Master..ill try to sleep" she snuggled down into her sit.."Put that blanket on you..and get some sleep" Cat reached into the backseat, retrieving the blanket "are you sure you dont want me to stay up with you??"..Master just looked over at her, with one eyebrow arched.."Girl" lowered her head "Yes Master.." ii was just a few minites before she was fast alseep..Master was right as always..he took good care of his slave but she was going to learn this time who was in charge...

When they arrived at the house, Master went into the house, letting her sleep just awhile longer, he needed to set-up..

"Come girl, it is time to get up...the sun will be rising soon" Cat stretched and smiled at her Master, purring at him as she reach for hin, stealing a quick kiss "Girl you take to many liberties" she just smiled at him.."morning Master" she looked around, the house was a small cottage.."this place is so nice..she ran to the side of the house looking over the mountain.."wow ..this is so great..and we can spend the whole day here..this is so great Master, thank you" her smiled just brightened her face..Master started to walk into the house "Come little girl , we had things to do first.." She didnt hear him..the view had all of her attention.."do i have to repeat myself" she still didnt respond, sighing he walked over to her..feeling his persents behind her, she ran into his arms."Is this the most beautiful place you've ever seen" He just shook his head, she was really a raw sub, child like and she was going to be alot of work,yet she had all the potiential..."Lets go" she walked with him, turning her head behind her then back to him"yes Sir " smiling up at him..Cat was very much in love with her Master.. he looked down at her smiling face,
He almost hated what he had to do but she need to be put in her place, yes he loved her too..

"Come ill show you around" they walked through the house, it was small but quaint.."oh Sir, you brought the basket in..ill set out breakfast" she walked toward the kitchen "No .." she looked at him puzzled "oh do you wish to eat outside on the we can watch the sunrise'' that was why they came so early.."No come with me.." she nodded her head "yes sir' she said very happily..

They walked down to the basement, her smile left her face . she saw the strap and a stool in the center of the room" no Master plz.." she begged..His was face was cold.."" In a strong commanding voice, one she had never heard from him before, "strip and crawl over here" She kept her head bent as she removed her clothes, she dare look up at him. She knew she was in trouble and wasnt sure she crawled over to him, she tried to think what she had done now, she cleared all her thoughts. mumbled to herself' i can handle this, it will be quick" when she reached him "Master plz, i dont know what i have done wrong" he grabbed her arm and lifted her over his knee " did i say you had to do something to deserve a spanking? But as it is you have done alot wrong.. im ceriting now so we wont have anymore problems" he reached down behind him and took the shower brush, that he was hiding.."this for your disrepect you in showed in the landreymate" Master brought the 5x on her pale ass..Cat screamed at the top of her lungs from shock and the pain..Master had strong hold on her "When i call you . you come, you dont stop to do anything, you just come, then ask permission to finish what you were doing" Cat was crying as he spanked her read ass 5 more times, she kept screaming and begging for mercy"No you are not getting off this time, your language, disobedience, are not going unpunished..You will learn!!" Her ass was brite red and he still spanked her 10 more time " Now you count..10 more , if you miss it will be repeated.. Am i clear'" Cat could barely get the work before the first strike."one master".." will be good girl from now on.." she cringed "two.. yes master" .." you will not roll your eyes at me"..breathing very "three yes master" the pain was too much fro her she started to fight him, pull away "Stop and take it".He growled at her pulling her closer to him, he gave her three fast hard swats.."what am i up too?..she couldn't even answer.."I believe it that was six.I guess that one again!!" He brought his brush down on her ass five more times..He released her, she topled onto the floor..
" what do you say to me?' this point Cat was crying so hard.nothing can out of her mouth..Master picked up the strap and rolled her on to her stomach..He quickly administered five sharp strikes with the belt..."Now what do you say!!!???!!" trying hard to catch your breath.." i cannnnt" tears just ran down her face, her breath was so hard..she was gasping for air..her ass and her legs were so red, she cuddled up into a ball..he heard her mumble though her tears " thank you Master..i will learn" He walked away from her, her crying was too much for him to deal with, "get to the couch and rest we aren't done" she couldn't even think what was next...

Cat couldn't contol her crying, her body was so weak from the beating..She never believed her Master would ever beat her this way..She felt his hand pushing her hair.."Come little girl you need to calm down" He really didnt want to sooth her, this was a punishment and she had to learn..He did start to feel sorry for her it was her first severe punishment, there was going to be more to come he was sure of that..Master lifted her hand so it rested in his lap. He opened his pants "put your mouth on this...suck it, its soothing like a pacifier" She was slow to move but she did as she was told...she would never hesitate again..."Thats my girl,, and you are my are not a cat more like a baby kitten.." She sucked his cock till it was hard and stiff.."thats my Kitten, good girl but thats enough..Come on sunrise is here!!!"

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Talk about marching to the beat of a different drummer...

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wow...and wow!

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