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Copyright September 2005

"I can't wait any longer", Lacy thought to herself as she sat alone, flipping through morning shows on the TV. She was still in her red silk nightgown from the night before, when she and her husband had fooled around in vain--in vain because he was tired and she was horny but hard to please. Lacy was a reasonably attractive woman in her mid 20's, with a statuesque frame, wavy long blonde hair, brown eyes and an ample chest size.
Last night she had been in one of her moods. She had to get off. In spite of how sexy she had felt, it just hadn't worked. It had to be just right, and most of the time, "just right" meant she had to be alone with her fantasies. She loved her man, but she had to concentrate in order to get off, and he just didn't get that sometimes. There was also that small detail of how Lacy was attracted to women. Now, she was still horny for that certain touch, and couldn't wait. She closed her eyes and tried to drift away. The familiar image of a naked, petite girl with soft brown pixie-cut hair formed in her mind. The girl had large blue eyes with impossibly long eyelashes. Her lips were perfect, upturned so they seemed to be always smiling, the bottom lip full, the top one very thin and fluid, accented by a lovely shade of red gloss. Lacy had been thinking about this girl a lot recently, and had shared some pretty intense moments with her, if only in her head. She had no idea where this girl had come from. The girl didn't look anything like anyone she knew, but rather like someone she would like to know--her ideal woman. The girl had a name--Alice. She had a personality, and looks to die for, but she was not real. Not that it mattered to Lacy. The girl was real, in her mind. Sometimes it was hard to tell if Lacy was Lacy in her fantasies, or if she were indeed Alice. Alice was everything opposite of Lacy: dominant, self-assured, forceful, and yet still so gentle, giving Lacy just what she wanted.
Lacy traced the inner seam of her panties absentmindedly. She was starting to get wet, and every brush of the silk against her skin made her more sensitive. Growing more excited, she turned off the TV and headed back to the bedroom. The fan was on, and as she stripped off her gown, the breeze was like a welcome touch on her nipples. Lacy laid down, closed her eyes and attempted to be outside her own mind and body. Alice's tan skin shimmered and her perfect breasts brushed against Lacy as the girl bent over her and started kissing her stomach.
"Alice," Lacy moaned, finally succumbing to the vision. Subconciously, she ran her own fingers over her nipples, lips, neck, and down her stomach, slipping a finger under her panties and teasing herself. In a trance, she went to the "toy drawer" and came out with a dildo almost too large to be useful. She went back to the bed, pulling off her panties, and closed her eyes, summoning Alice again. Alice climbed on top of Lacy and tugged at Lacy's nipples, too hard, but God it felt good, and teased her pussy with the dildo, sliding in the head and slipping it out again. The dildo slipped further inside and made Lacy cry out. Alice liked to hit that spot that made Lacy feel pain and ecstasy at the same time, just enough of each so that she never wanted Alice to stop. Alice smiled and started pulling at Lacy's nipples again, pushing the dildo further and further in all along. Lacy felt the end coming, riding on a heavenly twinge of utmost happiness. Feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world, like she always did around Alice, Lacy bucked against the dildo and her world exploded like fireworks behind her closed eyes, behind Alice's angelic face. She rode out the waves, milking each moment for all it was worth.
Lacy laid in the cool breeze of the fan, eyes closed, as Alice faded away.

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mmmm, i think i'm gonna like alice and lacy - and probably you, too!

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Very good post!

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